On-wall panel / tablet with poe option?

Hi All!
I know this question has been asked alot of times - in different flavours,
and this is my version of the question - i hope you bear with me.

I live in a “new” house - built in 2018 - and
the first thing i did was to start using home assistant.
if i had just started earlier… well.

I am looking into a wall panel solution to display HA.

our electrical system is from germany and called enet smart home.
this works well with HA ( we have a working integration ).
but all the sensors ( to turn on / off the light ) are wireless -meaning i dont have
power running to them. so i just cant fit in some small factor device in the electrical box.

also i am not able to flush mount it - as this would require external labour etc.

all my network gear is unifi - and it runs on poe
( cameras and access points )

so my plan was run a networkcable through the wall (from the other room / inside the wall from the cieling etc)
and then have the smallest possible enclousure mounted on the wall

has this been done before? and what are your suggestions?

basicaly my requirements are:

  • touch screen
  • possibly proximity sensor
  • runs ha
  • poe ( or compatible injector )
  • wall mounted - with a small footprint.

i this at all possible?
i have looked at the nspanel pro - and this almost fit the bill. if they just made a wall-mount-box
instead of the flush mount option. then my plan b - would be to have an electrician - run the the power wire (instead of the network cable ).

Looking forward to hearing you thoughts :slight_smile:

I have these that work on my Samsung tablets, check it out and see if this will work or if you have them in your UI Store in EU.

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Have you found something as a wall-mounted POE tablet for Home Assistant?
It seems there are some tablet models from unknown (Chinese?) manufacturers on the market.
Is anyone using a POE tablet successfully?

I would go with the PoE to USB adapter. A PoE Android wall tablet will set you back > $200 maybe even more. They are more typically used in industrial settings and the PoE requirement will make them unnecessarily thicker. Revotech sells a PoE to USB type C adapter with a short cable that would be ideal. Or you could implement the PoE to USB conversion at the PoE source and just pull USB type C cable to the tablet.

The same exact Android Tablet without PoE (meaning USB charging) will be about $60. I just purchased six tablets which are placed in various rooms around the house. 10", Android, wall mounted. Although I did not have the requirement for PoE because I am in US with physical wiring. I mounted a dual gang box above wall switches and pulled power to them with a USB charging plug. Total cost per unit with wall mount, cable, USB outlet, tablet was about $72.

Wireless for HA connection
USB power from behind the tablet (but you could do the PoE to USB adapter)
Simple clamp wall mount that just holds the unit in place, making it easy to remove if needed
Distance from wall to front of tablet = 1.6"
Note … I chose a dual gang wall box because I wanted the tablet centered over switches below them. I use one side of the plate for the USB plug and the other side is a blank plate used to mount the bracket for the wall mount.

Do you mean something like this?

That would be if you want to split the internet and the power. If your only desire is to use the PoE internet cable for power, then no need to split it to power+internet. Question is … do you want ethernet carried on it and does the tablet you pick support USB internet?

This would carry both power and ethernet.

BUT. If the tablet has wireless, you do not need the ethernet through that … just the power. If it does and your home network can be connected through the USB port, even better as wires beat wireless everytime.

As I have power in the wall, I don;t need PoE. I use wireless to the tablet and behind that pad is this.

I would prefer to use Ethernet rather than wi-fi.
So the 2-cable adapter should be OK? One cable for power ant the other for Internet connection.

Well you would need a tablet that has an ethernet port then. Many tablets will handle the ethernet through the USB C connection which is what I posted to you. No need to “split” it. But you need to ensure the tablet supports ethernet through the USB. And if the tablet has an ethernet port you are back to the PoE because it would likely be PoE Tablet.

Read here: MOst modern Android tablets should support it. I have never tried.

I use WiFi for the connection because I can put them anywhere I have power with no need to run CAT cabling. I find it also much more user friendly … like I can pull the USB, pull it out from the clamp which is a simple spring-loaded clamp, and put them anywhere in the house or outdoors by the BBQ or wherever I have wireless.

We frequently entertain and put PADs all over our back decks where people can queue music into Spotify. It is really the most flexible, future proof way to go

OK, maybe fast wi-fi is indeed more convenient. You have convinced me.
The 2-cable adapter may anyway be necessary to provide Internet and power for the intercom monitor which will be located on the wall next to the tablet.

Charging all the remote tablets now for a huge party this weekend. THis easy.

Which tablet is that?

My only problem is that I would not like to keep taking my tablet off the wall every day to get it charged.
And there are no electrical cables on the wall. The only cable available there is Ethernet cable. That is why I thought about POE charging.
If I use a non-POE tablet, much cheaper as you noticed (such as Amazon Fire HD 10 or Samsung Galaxy Tab A7), with POE-USB-C adapter, I understand the tablet would be charged all the time, no?

You have the PoE to USB adapter. You can put the PoE line in and the USB end in the tablet. It will charge and (check specs from tablet) you can get internet through the USB. No need to take down and charge.

The ones in that picture are table charging because they will be sitting on deck or patio for an event tonight

I need to ask a question based on your topic.
My house has POE to every ethernet connection in my house.
So what I think I need is a tablet, and adapter (like you posted) that will power it and provide ethernet connection.
Is this correct, if so what cheap touch screen tablet are you using. Can not tell from the pictures.

To all those asking, this is the PAD I selected, runs HA perfectly with Android App.

I use this for wall mount:


Because I have power, I put in a 2-gang box about 10" higher on wall than normal light switches above the light switch so easy to pull power. In that box I have one USB charging outlet and a blank side. I use the blank side of the wall plate for the mount (instead of just going into the drywall).

Here is one ready for installation.

The only thing I will change out would be the small, short USB cable. I am looking for one the goes 90 degrees backwards for a cleaner look. Like this:

Please note that I do not use mine ethernet connected, all of them are wireless. Hence I have not tested with any PoE adapter.


Here’s a picture without the tablet so you can see mount and outlet better.

And installed and running

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Here is my situation with the target location of the tablet.
What I have available is Ethernet cable and electrical powet 1 meter away.
The picture is from a year ago so now all the walls have been plastered/painted.