Onkyo Integration

I’m reading this


But I don’t see the Onkyo integration in the integrations panel
What shall I do?

It’s not configurable from the front end (not all integrations are). You’ll need to follow the instructions you linked to add it to your configuration.yaml file.

i’ve set up the configuration of media_player in configuration.yaml but I don’t see anything special.

What should I expect from this? I don’t see any Entity or Device popping new.


Restart HA and then check in entities for media player called receiver

Ok, got it
It’s working fine

Everytime I modify the configuration.yaml I have to restart HA? I cannot simply reload configs?

For media players in YAML restarting is needed. There are loads of things that can be just reloaded under developer tool/YAML

I’m seeing an error with the integration, “this entity media_player.onkyo” doesn’t have an unique id
I cannot assign it to a location

No, but does it matter? It still works doesn’t it?

I’m trying to create a script to turn it on at the same time with other devices. But cannot seem to find the way to target it.

Try adding line unique_id: onkyo_receiver to your YAML. It works for some mqtt entities I have tried but not a media player I tried before. Restart HA to see if it works.

If that didn’t work. Create a simple script to turn on the onkyo and that script should have a unique I’d that you can assign an area.

I’m trying this script

  - wait_for_trigger:
      - platform: state
          - script.1662672533669
      - platform: state
          - media_player.onkyotx

But it doesnt turn on the Onkyo.

What is this script?

I’ve solved it…

That script is a Service call to a Remote for IR.
But I was doing it wrongly with wait_for_trigger which doesn’t make any sense.

What about using media_player.turn_on

Yeah I found a way already

I can target the entity_id media_player.myonkyo for the service media_player.turn_on

Yes, as per the documentation. People should read it. (This is not a rant at you!) Media Player - Home Assistant

I do know that many people don’t read the generic docs for the platform. The above page is the generic instructions for all media players. Similarly these are the instructions that apply to any light Light - Home Assistant or to any sensor Sensor - Home Assistant

There is something interesting on all this

There was an autodetected entity through DLNA called media_player.tx525 (the model of my Onkyo)

I wondered if I could have been able to make all the configuration with such device without having to do the Onkyo Integration, or if the Onkyo integration provides more features due to the specificness of the integration itself.

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I haven’t compared , but you are in a position to do so.

I think it is a simply DLNA control, extremely poor

With the onkyo integration and the onkyo python script to discover info over network, I have been able to set not only the basic aspects for scripts as scenes, but also, in the main panel, the possibility of switching the different sources apart from the volume an that.

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