Only three climate mode in homekit?

homekit ac get data from home-assistant. it worked well, but some question i found

  1. There are 6 modes in HA including “hvac_modes: auto, cool, dry, fan_only, heat, off”, however homekit only shows 4 modes including “off, auto, heat, cool”. Is there any possible to get the other two states? I try to look up the source code, and find out some interested things which i could not fully understand.
    (exclude “dry, fan_only” modes when climate support “cool” mode ???)

  2. homekit can not control fan swing and level.

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I think homekit cannot do dry mode natively

“HMCharacteristicValueHeatingCooling | Apple Developer Documentation” Apple Developer Documentation

ok i got it
thanks for your answer
i have never lookup api document from apple and im going to do some study :slight_smile: