Onvif Cameras

Hi, i have some chinese camera with onvif support, im using onvifier on my phone and its working great, im also using it iSpy and CyeWeb and i have no issue

Im trying to get it work with Home-Assistant but with no luck
Im using ONVIF Device Manager to configure my camera


  - platform: onvif
    port: 8899
    username: homeassistant
    password: mypassword
    name: Rear Door

Pastebin: Log

How did you come up with that configuration?

I was editing my post right now my onvif port is 8899
I was able to get it work with the ffmpeg component but its not live feed

  - platform: ffmpeg
    input: -rtsp_transport tcp -i rtsp://
    name: Front

Should probably be something like:

  - platform: onvif
    port: 8899
    username: homeassistant
    password: mypassword
    name: Rear Door

If you look at my first post this is exacly my config, i posted my log on pastebin:

Pastebin: Log

“ONVIFError: Unknown error: (400, ‘Bad Request’)”

The login credentials is most likely different for the Onvif stream.

Maybe admin/admin

I tried but i have the same error, i also created a new user just for home assistant

I also check my onvif port on my device:

Did you try using

What is image “Onvif cheque” You may need to enable it?

When I did my printscreen a few minutes ago I thought the same thing, after activating the option Onvifier application on my phone stop working and the camera was no longer detected in Onvif Device Manager.

I tried the option Generic IP Camera but it gives me an image each 10 seconds, I do not have the video in real time

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That’s normal, the card won’t display live video, but refresh image every 10 sec?, I think, once you click on the card the window should open up with a faster stream.

When I click the card I only see a timeline of camera activity, I watched youtube video and saw camera setup with real time feed, It’s probably another type of camera that is supported, I saw that there was a ZoneMinder module, I could make a VM and added my cameras to see if I can connect them

In Homeassistant?

Look at this beautiful dashboard, you can see at 0:28 live feed video


Like this:image

Or this: image

Hadashboard is a whole different story.

What are you using to record you cameras?

My bad if i click the camera card and wait like 5 sec i have a live low quality feed refresh 1sec
Im recording my feed with iSpy on a virtual machine i was using CyeWeb in the past with no issue

Either way, I think the end result would be the same.
See this post: Hikvision setup

This is very well explained in the topic you sent me, I will try with the mjpeg module

I will try tomorrow because it is late, thank you for your help and your valuable advice!

I will update my post tomorrow if it works!