ONVIF Doorbell - EZViz DB1/Hikvision DS-HD1

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Like many people I’ve been trying to find a decent doorbell for inclusion into my homeassistant setup. I think I’ve finally found one. It’s still not perfect, but it’s sufficiently close that I think it’ll work.

It goes by a number of names:
Hikvision DS-HD1
Laview LV-PDB1630-U
Nelly’s NSC-DB2
LTS LTH-7132-Wifi

Standout features:

  • Onvif/RTSP support
  • DUAL-BAND wifi
  • PIR Sensor
  • works with existing mechanical chimes
  • $110 CDN

A lot of information can be found here:

I have the EZviz DB1 version. Flashed to the Hikvision firmware for ONVIF support following instructions at the ipcamtalk link.
I’m strict anti-cloud-anything particularly for cameras, and this doorbell allowed me to use almost every feature without cloud. However there are a couple workarounds depending on your level of comfort that I’ll detail shortly.

Main thing is I now have this set up through Home Assistant as a generic ONVIF device, the PIR sensor is exposed as a binary_sensor, still_image_url and regular stream works, have actionable notifications set to go through my iOS Home Assistant app. There’s also a separate sensor for on-camera visual motion detection, but I usually avoid those to reduce false positives.

There are 2 features that do NOT work without connecting it online:

  1. Doorbell notification. This seems an obvious fail, but I think the workaround is sufficient. Pushing the button will only ring the internal and external chimes now, it doesn’t not appear to be exposed via ONVIF. However, you can tweak the PIR sensor sensitivity down low enough that it’ll trigger only when someone is close enough to the door to ring it. So my HASS will notify me regardless of whether someone has pushed the button or not; I’m ok with that compromise for now.
  2. Two-Way Audio: Through ONVIF you can hear everything on video, but I haven’t found a way to talk back yet

The other workaround with Ring notification is you can open up your firewall to allow it to talk to any external tcp port 31006 and connect it to whichever Hikvision/Guarding Vision/EZViz app of your choice, then it will work as a call…however my audio didn’t work, still investigating.

Of course, if you are ok with the cloud bits, then you those two problems go away.

Anyway, thought someone might be interested, this is the cheapest “mostly there” solution I’ve seen yet. I’d love to have had it POE and wired rather than Wifi, but it’s actually dual-band AC and that’s acceptable. You can even configure it to use WPA-Enterprise using the Hikvision configuration tools, but I’ve not tried it yet.

Can post the automations and such I’m using if anyone is interested, but it’s fairly standard since it’s exposed in a pretty standard way, and I thought that was the most important thing.


Have you seen this way of detecting the button pushes?

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I have been experimenting with something similar. I already have a firewall rule set up on my router to log when a request is made from the doorbell, and I can watch that and trigger an event on hass…but I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m also tempted to capture the request directly and see if I can redirect it, but just haven’t had it long enough to do all that yet. I think it’s a solvable problem, but more convoluted than I’d like.

Hi, Can you share your configurations/automations for db1? Will they work with ezviz firmware or are they specific to hikvisions?
I’m quite new with HA and customizations so, anything you can share will probably be helpful.