Open / Focus (minimal) Android Companion App remotely

I’ve created a nice dashboard and alarm clock functionality for my hacked Lenovo Smart Clock 2 Hack Lenovo Smart Clock to display HA Lovelace UI

Now, my alarm clock functionality is start playing some media on the Google Cast media player associated with the Lenovo smart clock. This however opens some Cast app and hence moves away from the Home Assistant app. The Home Assistant companion app I need to use on the Lenovo clock is the “minimal” one, hence I don’t have the notification commands.

Is there another way to trigger the companion app to open / focus again on the clock, from the same alarm automation that starts the mediaplayer?

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Like I said, this is not supported by the minimal version of the companion app, as I understand it from here Feature overview | Home Assistant Companion Docs

you can enable local push to get notifications

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Aha, interesting, gonna check this out, thanks!