Open-zwave-control-panel in HA

I see that other Home Automation vendors have the open-zwave-control-panel integraded in their system. I would like to have it in HA so z-wave configuration could be done without stopping HA and start open-zwave-control-panel.


+1 for this

+1 As well.
Looks like they’re working on a new interface for it:

I have to downvote DSC Integration thread in order to upvote this thread. I would like to see this implemented. The voting system limitation annoys me.

Voted! Agreed!

Hmm so I’m thinking about this.

Right now Zwave is completely optional. If you don’t enable it, or even have it installed on your system, Home Assistant will run fine. When you install Home Assistant, it doesn’t install Zwave for you.

The exception to this rule is of course the Docker image, which installs Zwave for you.

So with that in mind, I’m seeing potential issues on how Home Assistant brings in OZWCP. You don’t want to increase the size of Home Assistant by forcing the install of OZWCP, when not everyone will need it. If you don’t force it to be included, then it makes it hard for OZWCP to be available easily from the Home Assistant UI (it would need to check if OZWCP is there constantly).

Why not as a addon, like the most addons instelling when needed

+1 for sure!

This and the ability to have better configuration cards for Z-Wave Locks (e.g. add user codes, etc.) are big weak points of Home Assistant with regard to Z-Wave (at least from my perspective becuase I use Z-Wave heavily).

I think this is a great idea, because currently, the mutual exclusive nature of having to Shut Home Assistant down in order to even run OZWCP, further adding to the difficulty in running it, all adds to a poor experience for Z-Wave users…

work in progress

Since i didn’t see any activity in this area, my concerns: renaming of entity’s is still an issue imho.
The need to restart HA after you added/removed something is still a pain. I have 60+ devices and it takes 10+ minutes to start up, not really user friendly for my point of view (i understand the 10+ minutes) There are no proper statistics and although you can use that python script that maps your devices in a graph, it doesn’t show you which devices has the most loss, which ones have a long RTT / drops and such. With the amount of devices i have it is handy to know these types of information to improve upon it.

If you add or remove, you have to keep your OZW log open, since a tail -f doesn’t work in the web either. Would be much better if you get a dialog that when it has added/removed something it will go away again with some info. Or if it pops up “new device found” that you can instantly put the name in there so you don’t need to rename it later.

We have come a long way from the beginning with z-wave and all the effort was great, but there are still some bumps to overcome. I have no problem donating money for the extra effort in this part too, some sites you can set a bounty on a ticket, the more people donate the higher chance someone will pick it up too. (i know we all do it out of the kindness of our hearts, but if it gets your something in return is a nice incentive too i would say)

My list would be in the following order:

  • No restart required when adding / removing devices.
  • Update z-wave properly on changes (like renaming)
  • Dialogs for adding/removing devices

If we are waiting for open-zwave to make a new version, then let us know. I mean, i might not know all the things going on after all :slight_smile:

Closing this and marking as resolved as we’ve had a very solid Z-Wave management panel built into Home Assistant for a long time now. Someone can PM me on the forums if they think this should be re-opened.