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I didn’t bother with blynk. Is there a reason you are trying to get that working? If the device is working locally, you can add it to Home Assistant and you’re done.

To SW I am using blynk b/c I also want a node temp unit and that uses it.
To Alfie thanks
To Blinkwise I have been fighting this for days and finally said WTF and tried disconnecting the relay and it went online! This is a pain and must be some bug in the software I’m on 1.06

Otherwise I must have got a wrong buzzer from China b/c it is on all the time, IDK the diff. between active and passive and whether that is the problem or what.

Tanks to all

to Blinkwise: Could it be that the buzzer in the parts list is wrong? Here is a definition I found:
An active buzzer will generate a tone using an internal oscillator, so all that is needed is a DC voltage. A passive buzzer requires an AC signal to make a sound. It is like an electromagnetic speaker, where a changing input signal produces the sound, rather than producing a tone automatically.Mar 24, 2016
Seems to me that what we want is a passive buzzer???

The buzzer on both the units I built is on all the time too.

I don’t use a buzzer at all

@swbradshaw thanks for the write up. Tonight managed to get it all connected and up and running without any issues and working well.

One question - I would like to be able to use a switch (xiaomi aqara) to trigger the opening. As a cover isnt a switch (forgive me I am new with covers), is there a way to tie it to a button press on a switch that is an entity in HASS?

OK, seems that I managed to get in working:


- id: xiaomi-click
  alias: Garage Door Open Close
    platform: event
    event_type: click
      entity_id: binary_sensor.switch_xxxxxxxx
      click_type: single
    service: script.turn_on
    entity_id: script.garagedoor


    - service_template: >
        {% if states.cover.garage_door.attributes["door_state"] == "open" %}
        {% else %}
        {% endif %}
      entity_id: cover.garage_door

I’m glad you were able to get it built and working. Thanks for sharing the automation script - I’m sure it will help others.

Just got this working and wanted to say thanks for the write-up and developing the component.

Nothing beats a $10 locally controlled garage door gateway!

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Awesome! The cool part is I bet you could build another one in 10-15 minutes. It really is an easy project after you do it once.

I’m really cheap, $.97 1 gang plastic old work box from Home Depot for my enclosure. Cut some holes with the Dremel, turn the box so the opening faces the rafter and use the ears for screws.

I finally got all the replacement parts from China and I can report that the passive relay is the answer for the buzzer problem and that it IS necessary to use the Keyes relay if you want this to work properly, Just my 2 cents and your mileage may vary. Plays a merry little tune on boot and toodles a warning that the door is about to move. VERY NICE PROJECT.

Glad you got it working, David! I’ll adjust the part list to specify a passive buzzer is needed. For what it’s worth I have a unit working without the buzzer. I think the trick here is there is a default 5 sec delay for the beeper to sound so without the buzzer you won’t see the relay trip until that delay. This delay can be removed in the web interface. Thanks again for the follow up.

Yes there is a nice little delay after the buzzer warns you the door is going to do something, I think that is a great feature and shows a real attention to detail. As for the whole relay thing, that was entirely on me, I thought I knew something I didn’t, but the great thing is that these doodads are so cheap it doesn’t hurt as long as you are not in a hurry. BTW, the only Chinese supplier I could find that had that relay was DealExtreme. I’ve done business with them in the past and they are ok in my book.

Is this the buzzer you’re using?

I got mine on eBay but that’s the one, works a treat.

Everyone please remember when you are fooling around with this to unhook your opener from the door, I got my trouble light caught up and spent more time fixing it than anything else!
Safety First

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There is a github fork of the OpenGarage firmware that adds notification and/or autoclose for a door that has been idle. The other option is to notify or close garage door at a set time (e.g. 10PM)

This firmware also has support for MQTT and IFTTT built in. In addition, it fixes the issue with having to plug in the sensor or it reboots.

Everyone probably knows this but I just learned it: You can add eventor, notification, email, etc. widgets to Blynk that enable you to get warnings of things happening. I use one in my open garage and I have another in my freezer monitor project. For example, when my garage door is shut it normally measures 112 so I set up eventor to tell me if it goes below 100 thus alerting me the door is open. I get a notification with my choice of ringtone and also get an email of the same. It is easily turned off for when you are home and don’t need it. I have even heard you can integrate with ifttt to have this happen automatically based on whether your phone is at home or away but I haven’t got there yet.
You do have to buy some energy to get widgets but the money helps the project and the guys over at blynk community are very patient with questions from noobs.
My apology to the author for getting off the hardware topic. I just got very excited after learning this.

Hi, i keep getting n/a on both door status and car in garage status. The icon does change (arrow up or down) and it does change status, so distance reading is working. From what I can tell cover part of this works, template doesnt. What am I doing wrong:)? Thanks! btw, totally new to all of this, so be gentle with me :slight_smile:

edit: nevermind, started from scratch and everything works now.