OpenMqttGateway - 433 MHz

Since Telldus want payment for the earlier free use of the api, I bought some LillyGo-433Mhz.
Uploaded OMG (OpenMqttGateway). and have contact with with HA.

All temperature sensors appeared in HA.

When I “pressed”, actually using Telldus live for my Tellstick Z-Net V2, only the RSSI appears.

Reading the log I got this plug (and one for the ON):

2023-08-10 08:19:21.075 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.mqtt.client] Received message on home/omg_lilygo_1/RTL_433toMQTT/Nexa-Security/3/38428816 (qos=0): b’ {“model”:“Nexa-Security”,“id”:38428816,“channel”:3,“state”:“OFF”,“unit”:3,“group”:0,“protocol”:“Nexa”,“rssi”:-97,“duration”:213000}

But I have never worked directly with MQTT.
It works since I’m running z2m, and that works!
How do I configure Mqtt to send on/off to this?

And for my remotes how do I receive?

I think I have some proove and arctech devices aswell,

Did you check?

Yes, but I don’t get it how it works!

When having autodiscover on, I only get the RSSI, and It is an Nexa command sent from the Tellstick.

Probably just my brain that can’t wrap around this…

I don’t understand what that mean.
Did you create some manual mqtt configs in HA?

Can you see topics created by OpenMqttGateway on your MQTT server?
Use, e.g., MQTTExplorer

I have the Telldus cloud Service whith a Tellstick, which sends/recives 433MHz.
Using this to able to try to verify if it is working or not.

I have this plug that I want to setup in Mqtt.
When sending from the tellstick the OMG (auto detect) receives just th RSSI and as “Nexa security”.

This is what I configured:
- name: Plug1
state_topic: “home/OpenMQTTGateway/433toMQTT”
command_topic: “home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTto433”
value_template: “{{ value_json.value }}”
payload_on: ‘{“value”:38428816}’
payload_off: ‘{“value”:38428816}’
state_on: 1
state_off: 0
qos: “0”
retain: true

I have no other values. How do I specify if it is an Archtec or Nexa device?

Point is, if autodiscover is configured properly, you don’t have to code the MQTT configuration yourself, that’s the whole point.

Maybe you didn’t enable discovery in HA? Maybe you used a non-default root topic?

Can it be more than just on or off?

I guess you copied that from somewhere, without understanding what it does.

Your topics must match what you receive.

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OH yes!
Thatcher os True!

Thing is that first when I started the OMG and it connected all my temerature sensors showed up automagicly. So I thought that my plugs would do the same. Thats why I used the Tellstick via Telldus, to simulate sending command to the plug.

And then I tried to under stand what was happening. The strange thing is that the tempsensor has everything, temperature, humidity and RSSI. But the plug only has RSSI.
But looking in the logs everything is there. At the moment I don’t want to receive, but send…

It’s a combination of the link provided here and some other links!

Hopefully I can get more focused during the weekend!


Could you share me an ON message also ?

State 433mhz sensor are not supported by auto-discovery (this is why they are not created automatically (unlike the temperature sensors), but you can still make a YAML definition to use them.

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2023-08-10 08:29:04.494 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.mqtt.client] Received message on home/omg_lilygo_1/RTL_433toMQTT/Nexa-Security/3/38428816 (qos=0): b’{“model”:“Nexa-Security”,“id”:38428816,“channel”:3,“state”:“ON”,“unit”:3,“group”:0,“protocol”:“Nexa”,“rssi”:-100,“duration”:229593}’

I don’t know but could this be the topic?


End of workday, been fighting with Laravel all day. So my brain is a bit messed up,
Hopefully a beer or two will sort things out to night…

Thank you for your help!

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Thanks for the info, I will see how to integrate the automatic discovery for this in the next release

Sounds Great!

In the meantime you can try an YAML integration if you want

This is at my summer cottage. When I’m there, usually ther is loads of other work that has to be done.
Moving the lawn, cutting bushes, etc. I will try to dedicate a weekend, and just do HA stuff.

Now I have tried yaml config, if that means putting stuff in configuration.yaml, but it does not work.
I see the messages in the log, but no.
Is there an examples with RTL_433toMQTT and MQTTtoRTL_433 and switches?
The only example is about SRFBtoMQTT / MQTTtoSRFB. And there I don’t se where to put housecode device id, etc.

I haven’t tried it, but here is a proposal:

  - binary_sensor:
      name: "State"
      state_topic: "home/omg_lilygo_1/RTL_433toMQTT/Nexa-Security/3/38428816"
      value_template: "{{ value_json.state}}"
      payload_on: "ON"
      payload_off: "OFF"

Other users may give proposals to improve this.

I dont think I havet tester Thatcher variant!
To simple:D ?

Thank you!!

One question, the .state in the value_template, is it refering to the namn or something magic to the payloads?