OpenMqttGateway - 433 MHz

And as I understand now, the Lilygo can’t send 433 MHz…
Any tip of mqtt to 433 GW that uses ESP32 or ESP8266 and those dirt cheap 433 MHz transmitters?
I have loads of ESP8266 and transmitters.

try nodemcuv2-pilight and nodemcuv2-rf

Thank you!
I will have a look at these!

It is not the LilyGo, but the rtl_433 library, which in general, even before being ported to rtl_433_ESP for the OpenMQTTGateway project, is a pure receiver and decoding library.

I think the main issue for confusion is with devices which just generally mention 433 MHz. That’s why we try and be clear in the above linked page that for 433MHz there are several possible protocols for receiving and some also for transmitting.

With only rtl_433 having 433 in its name it can be very easy for users to jump to the conclusion that this is the only 433 MHZ module, but yes, RF(RCSwitch), RF2(KaKu), Pilight are all also available in the 433 MHZ band.

That even rtl_433 and others also support 868 MHz, 315 MHz and 915 MHz doesn’t make things easier :wink:

Personally I also use two different RF gateways, one rtl_433 LilyGo to receive some temperature and humidity sensors, and and RF(RCSwitch) to transmit commands to controls some RF plugs.

So with RF there is hardly ever a one-for all gateway option for most users.

Then it should be possible to make a RCSwitch for the LilyGo?
I really like the format of the LilyGo! Just print a box, upload the gateway and configure it, then your done!
I have some 30 plugs in total, some are used for small lamps, christmas light, etc.
The main lights are usually Zigbee nowadays.
It is nice to get rid of the plugs for ordinary light and let the bulb handle it, and Ikea stuff are cheap!
At home I think I have 80+ devices, at the summer cottage 50+, including blinds.

I’m afraid I’ll have to refer you to the documentation again :wink:

where in the second row it states that the LilyGo is only compatible with the RTL_433 protocol, receiving only.

This is due to the inbuilt SX127X transceiver of the LilyGo, similar to a plain ESP32 with an external SX127X connected, as stated in the row below.

And as you can see in the rows below, only with Basic RF modules (SRX882/STX882 recommended for best range) or a CC1101 (all modules supported, but lower range and only with an ESP32 for all modules) are the other protocols supported.

And @francisp’s suggestion above to try

nodemcuv2-pilight and/or nodemcuv2-rf

are you best options with an ESP8266 and SRX882/STX882 connected.

Ok thanks for the info!
I will se when the time emerges from above :smiley:

I have a rough Lilygo working with the other RF libraries…


And patching the other libs…

I isolated the decoding of the libraries from the receiving by RTL_433_ESP…
Now struggling to get transmitting to work?..

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@rinie What is your progress on this? I looked at the github, and I can see that there has been progress, but how do I upload it to the Lilygo?