OpenWeatherMap: How to get low temperature forecast?

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I can access a temperature forecast like this:

  - platform: template
        value_template: {{ state_attr('weather.openweathermap', 'forecast')[1].temperature }}

How can I do the same for sensor.openweathermap_forecast_temperature_low ?

It should also make sensors for that. I think it’s named sensor.openweathermap_forecast_temperature_low You could also get the corresponding low temp value as you do for temperature (aka, the second forecast)

{{ state_attr('weather.openweathermap', 'forecast')[1].templow }}
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Perfect, many thanks! How can I visualize the data structure of entities (so I can see what’s in them), i.e. how could I have found out that the attribute I am looking for is “templow” by myself?

Just go to development tools => states and you can find (and search for) all entities and their values.

Many thanks for your tip! I clearly need to spend more time reading through all of the (massive) documentation :smiley: