OpenWeatherMap: Migration from 2.5 to 3.0

You’re right that this can seem strange.
I try not to leave personal details when not needed out of principles.
I’m somehow allergic to this data hoarding.

They could have made it such, that you get a free limit of 1000 calls.
If you go over it, you need to pay: technically this is very doable.

Wow, that’s a lot of activity on this topic :smiley:
I still wonder if I need to migrate to another WeatherService though.
I would prefer NOT to provide any CC details as well.

YOU started it! :innocent: :wink:


I’m just gonna leave this here: Definitive guide to Weather integrations 🌦

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Some people are OK putting in card, some aren’t. I buy a prepaid Visa for these types of things in case they get hacked, no big deal for me.

But for people freaking out over this, you have to consider how many people use OWM and likely abuse the API. This isn’t new, it has happened to a number of weather providers out there that put a free API up and got hammered, and everyone got reliant upon them and were inconvenienced when they shut down the API or made it paid. Remember when Weather Underground was the de-facto API system until it got crippled by the millions of API calls and had to go paid? Or Dark Sky that went through the same issues until Apple acquired it? This is the nature of free things online, eventually they might no longer be free. It’s a moving target that you have to adjust to.

OWM did something the others did not: give you far more free API calls with your plan than you really need. Weather Underground just said “you pay for everything”.


Yes you can, click the edit button on the api and type 1000

My usage stats since switching with the base integration.


Yea, it’s not immediately obvious, but even when you sign up they ask you if you wan to put a hard limit on it, then afterwards you have to click the edit on your plan.

Yep, it was a pain in the ass finding it when I set it up last week. It’s definitely not immediately obvious.


I had one day last week that shot up to 831 calls, but this was for my home HA, my RV HA and a custom integration I built with pyscript to get weather for a dozen other cities every 30 minutes. So it takes a lot to reach 1K. I think it’s the credit card part that has most people up in arms, and I get that.


You can always buy one of those preloaded credit cards and use that for everything that requires a credit card.

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PRECISELY what I do for online services.

For reference

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for those who have this working on V3…how long did it take for the PAI to be active befire you could use it again?

Update: It’s already working

And more impoarntly, my RESTful Command: update_pvoutput is now fixed and working as it was…

2 hours or so, you get an email and it appears in the dashboard for owm. Then when you hit submit to the repair in HA, it will swap you to v3 and then you’ll start using it.

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And given how many HA users might be requesting new subs it might take a bit longer. I did it when I got the notice a couple months ago and it took about an hour.

as posted in my updated post, it was inside of 5 minutes, and now all working just as it was

How can I remove OWM integration from HA? I’ve tried but without success.
Now I have permanent warning about problem with OWM. Any help?

go to the integration and delete it.

3 dots, delete

Nope. It’s still there after.

Clear your cache and refresh the page. If that doesn’t work, look in your log for any errors and post them here.