OpenWeatherMap: Migration from 2.5 to 3.0


I have given up and provided my CC credentials plus setting a limit.

I think it’s time to switch to another provider… credit card what? O_o go playing around open weather map

Unsuccesful attempts to migrate from v2 to v3… :frowning: It keeps saying “already_in_progress” and nothing is added. I have received all confirmation from the site that my key was available and waited more than 24h00…

Where did you find these statistics ? Can these also been seen for the period before migration from 2.5 to 3.0 ?

All you need to to limit 1000 and you wont be charged. 999 is ok too

Maybe a stupid question: with API 3.0 we still need to create daily and/or hourly sensors? Or with 3.0 API they are already there?

Can anyone explain how I can see how often my HA instance is currently hitting the OWM API (and, perhaps, how to adjust its frequency)?
set the limit by clicking on the edit
see calls by clicking [ View Usage Statistics ] button

I seem to be doing about 150 calls a day with NO automation’s based on weather , which seems to be about every 10 minutes

surely it could be set to cache and only update at a predefined interval like 1, 2, 4, 6 , 8 or 12 hourly
I doubt the information for a single location changes that often

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Having done a LOT of automations an analysis on weather data, that isn’t true unless the only thing you want to know is the basic forecast, and even then it changes. Depending on what is important to someone, the hourly and daily values for pretty much every metric changes fairly constantly all day.

For example, you might want to know the UV Index for a variety of reasons, and the cloud cover could change that. Humidity is a big one for me and that also changes throughout the day as the day goes on.

Thanks for the reply! That will be helpful to many.

In addition, I’m wondering if there is a way to see, in Home Assistant, how often I’m hitting the API / refreshing weather, and whether I can limit it (in HA). My goal would be to maximize refresh rates under the free limit (instead of ‘running out’ at some point every day).

Thanks again!

On the OWM page: Pricing - OpenWeatherMap … there is the One Call API that is going to 3.0 and will be asking for credit card info. I get that.

However there is also this free tier of the Professional API, see lower left corner:

… which is still v2.5 format – you can tell that by the urls (example 1, example 2) of the API calls – but not exactly One Call API v2.5, and should still be OK for the purpose of HA.
After all, we are not (or at least I am not) not trying to gather any weather data over last 40 years… which is the main feature difference between One Call API and Professional API.

Looks like people can still sign up to this free tier of the Professional API, which does not ask for any credit card…

So my question: is this the case where the HA core OWM integration not supporting the free tier of the Profession API just yet…?
… and if not yet… could we support that…?

OK. Looks like the free tier of the Profession API calls was indeed supported up until 2024.5.

Maybe we could just change the repair thing in 2024.6, and let the user pick 2 options: (a) OneCall API v3.0, and (b) Professional API (free tier).

I think there is some confusion here… I mean, we could have just used the free tier of the Professional API, if we want to, with the known working codes that are in core integration already… right?

I mean, Current Weather and 3-hour Forecast 5 days… are pretty much what we need.

Comparing to One Call API v3, the Weather overview is likely the only major feature that is not available in Professional API, given the context of HA… correct?

no. The api is getting closed down and the new one is replacing it. The integration will not work if you stay at 2.5.

There’s really nothing to get confused about here. (aside from OWM’s website and 3.0 setup). HA is moving to 3.0 because 2.5 is getting removed. The repair moves you to the new API. After moving to 3.0, and you get the email stating that it started, click the repair button.

That’s what I’m saying. There are at least 2 API from OWM. I know One Call API 2.5 is closing down, I know One Call API is moving to 3.0.

Now, there is another Professional API, and that one has a free tier, and there is no 3.0 for the Professional API.

So, hey everyone, could we start supporting this other (free tier of the) Professional API… ? is what I’m asking. See the screenshot above.

No, it’s not the same API

Exactly. So could we start supporting the Professional API, beyond 2024.5?

Another info: I’m on using the API key from Professional API, and I’m using 2024.5. And OWM integration is working.

You’re welcome to make a feature request to use the Professional API, that’s not what this thread is for.

The problem is, we are supporting the Professional API already - up until 2024.5 anyways. I am using it right now.

So is that still a feature request?

Also when we say feature request, do I submit that here in the forum, or in GitHub…?

You’d submit requests on Feature Requests

It’s done. → OpenWeatherMap Integration - to support the free tier of the Professional API - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community (

Folks, if you are interested in this professional api, please help go there and vote.

And no credit card information required.