OpenWeatherMap: Migration from 2.5 to 3.0

Hi everyone,

I just upgraded to 2024.6 and got the message, that OWM 2.5 is deprecated soon.

So, I tried to switch to 3.0 (I already have an API key for a while), but I cannot put the API key in the configuration.

I can though when I try to add a new location.

I am afraid, that the new location will mess up my existing entities, so that Ineed to rename all the entities in my automations and such.
Furthermore, I cannot create the same location with the same coordinates.

Is there a way to put the API Key in an existing configuration manually (yaml or similar)?

Thank you!

You don ot need a new API key, the old one will work once the V3 API is active. Please note that you will need to register a credit card with the OpenWeaterMap account and that It will take some time after that to activate the api.

It is also wise to set a maximum in your openweatermap account so you won’t actually get charged anything.

But I don’t have a credit card

Then you will either need to register for an online credit card, or find another weather integration you like. A very good topic was just posted on that subject.

the odd thing is when looking at the OneCall subscription plan, it clearly states 1,000 calls per day is included, but then when you go to add payment details it states only 100 per day

or am I missing something here

I think that is the charge above the first free 1000 calls.

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I’m in the same boat: was using OWM and got that message after updating.
Logged into the account and was under the impression that I HAD to enter credit card info - which I will not do.

How would it work with the old key: remove the integration and add it again with the key that I was using?

as per above, in order to use v3, you will need ot have credit card details entered or no access to the API.

Adding to that, OWM recently sent me a message that I am using more than 1000 calls on a day which is really odd as I refreshes every 10 min so less than 200/day
The problem with the new setup is that one cannot ‘block’ it with 1000…if you go over you pay immediately
I am not migrating right now, will see how this works out with others first

Ive emailed OWM to get clarioty but I’m sure you are right

This is why I love Proxmox, 10 seconds to roll back then ill upgrade once Ive had confirmation/clarity from OWM

Is that for new users as well for existing ones?! :thinking:
Siince @Edwin_D says you can use the old key.

offtopic: they seem to try to make (more) money with this whereas I would be possible to get 1000 calls for free and only have to pay when you do more.
Just another ‘max the profit’, in my opinion.

yes the old key will work but it will apply to a new subscription so going forward all requests over 1000 will be charged…but as stated, you can set a limit yourself anyway…thre is just a card needed in case you go over

Sorry for asking because I don’t understand it :blush:: so anyhow you need to enter CC details to be able to use the service from now on?

I’m not sure why people aren’t understanding this it was quite simple.

Log into your OWM account on their site.
Go to billing plans
Under Base Plan click subscribe and enter your details.

I also then changed the “calls per day” to 999 so I will never go over the 1000 free calls and be charged.

I don’t see the point in asking for a credit card when you can limit the calls and keep people on a free plan essentially. Seems like a way for OWM to trap people who don’t set a limit and make money.


But you had to provide your CC details anyway, right?

Yes I did, seems silly to me. They should just offer a free tier with limited 1000 api calls per day without the need to enter CC details.

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Where to you see that a limit can be set? I see the word ‘limit’ but this only is the threshold when one starts paying, I did not find a hard stop yet

Correcting myself, sorry for being blind

Yes, they require it, but it is hard to understand why if you can set a limit so you never need to pay. It does seem like a scheme to exploit the careless. They obviously want to make sure they can get payed if you somehow do exceed the limit. I put in a credit card that is about to expire soon, I wonder if they check that and block me after that date or olny when they find out they cannot charge.

I’m about to find out. I lost my wallet last week and had to replace all my stuff, including the credit card on file with OWM. There doesn’t seem to be any way to update your CC info in your account (short of unsubscribing and resubscribing), so I’m just going to leave it using the card that just got cancelled. I’m really hoping that since I generate a zero dollar bill every month that they just won’t notice.