Openweathermap sensor with dynamic longitude and latitude / variable in resource url

Hi there!

I would like openweathermap to show the current weather at my current mobile location. I have registered with openweathermap and am successfullly using the weather card with my home weather. I can also call the API via a sensor. But when I try to substitute longitude and latitude with a value from my device_tracker, I cannot get the API to work. I have tried setting the device_tracker-value to float and I have checked that the device-tracker state actually shows the correct number. What am I doing wrong? The following syntax works fine with a different API I am using:{{ state_attr('device_tracker.xxxx','latitude') |float(0) }}&lon=7.232465688355415&appid=xxxxxxxxxxxc&units=metric&lang=de

Thanks for your help

@xteaun did you find a good solution for this?