OpenWeatherMap version 3.0

I’m confused about the Open Weather Map integration. I’ve been using it for a long time and like it but just got an email that version 2.5 is going to be depreciated. So, I signed up for version 3.0.

But: I have no idea if I can point HA to API version 3.0? Is that supported?

If not, what is a good alternative to the Open Weather Map integration for local, European, weather forecast and current activity? (e.g. It started raining)?

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same questions

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It seems that you need to provide a credit card to access One Call API 3.0, with a number of calls per month being available for free. If the HA integration is switched to the 3.0 api, it’s going to take more than just an upgrade for people to switch over to the new API.

I’m a bit nervous about signing up for the new API because there doesn’t seem to be a way to set a monthly maximum on the OpenWeather side. The wrong sort of bug in the integration could become expensive.

If you look under billing plans in your OpenWeatherMap account, there is an option to set the calls per day maximum. I’m reading that to mean you can have the API refuse the connection after you’ve exceeded that. It was set at 2000 by default, so I set it to 1000, which is the number you get for free. Given the weather gets checked only every four hours (I think), I’m not sure how I’d ever test to see if that’s doing what I think it’s doing though.

I’m really hoping this gets fixed. I’ve tried a number of other weather providers, and OpenWeatherMaps seems to be the only one that gives me the data I want in a way I can get it to work with my template weather provider.

Yesterday I provided a credit card for access to the new API version 3.0, thinking there is no way I’d exceed my free allotment because I expected to only make one call per day.

But I can tell in the history of my related entity (sensor.openweathermap_forecast_temperature) that it has made more than one call today, because the forecasted temperature has changed about 6 times in the past 12 hours.

I’ve got the integration configured for “onecall_daily”, so it must be that the behavior doesn’t match the description. Oddly enough though, there is no reported usage for this month at Members, so I’m vexxed. Maybe the statistics have a delay in their reporting?

Yea, onecall_daily means you are using the onecall API and getting the daily forecast. How often it is called is based on how you have it setup in HA. I have HA set to check the forecast hourly, whenever HA is restarted, and if the template is reloaded. So I’ll have at least 24 calls each day. Which still leaves me 976 calls each day to spare before I hit the point that I have to pay.

OK, that makes more sense and thanks for the info. The hourly call that you’re making, is that configured in the integration or in whatever automation / script is using the sensor? Never mind, I am officially a dope. My own Node-Red sprinkler automation uses an Inject node to trigger a flow every 15 minutes, checking on the sun’s position / wind speed / precipitation, and yes the forecasted daily high. This is where my multiple calls to the API are coming from!:man_facepalming:

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I just gave OpenWeather a CC so I could use the onecall 3.0 API but I get a Failed Setup and no data if I pick onecall_hourly. Choosing hourly still works for now (mostly, some fields are missing) but I know it’s on borrowed time.

My experience was similar, and then the next time I checked the integration was working again. I suggest you wait at least 2 hours before starting to investigate the issue.

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Nope, still dead after almost a day. This is a new key I generated but I can make requests to the onecall url with Curl with no problem. If I see onecall_hourly option I shouldn’t need to update should I?

I’m not sure. You might need to delete and re-install the integration to be more sure that it’s using the new key.

I’m curious why folks are generating new API keys. From the email I got from OpenWeatherMap:

“You don’t need to get new API keys, all your current API keys will work with One Call 3.0 after subscription.”

I’m also pretty sure the integration is still using some 2.5 calls, as the library it uses to talk to OpenWeatherMap hasn’t been updated (this was noted earlier in the thread, but I’m posting it again anyway):

It does look like the HA team is working on something though:

So does that mean hourly_onecall can’t work until that PR is merged? Why is it even an option?

I am not an OpenWeatherMap whisperer, but my understanding is that _onecall API calls aren’t specific to the 2.5 or 3.0 version of the API. They are a different way of getting all the data. I think _onecall calls get all the data in one shot rather than some of the other OWM APIs that take multiple calls to get things.

I’ve never been able to tell exactly what you get with the free API tier, but I swear at some point I thought I saw that hourly forecasts were a paid feature. I’ve never wanted hourly (only daily) forecasts, so I never looked at it that close.

That’s a really long way of saying that I’m not really sure why the hourly_onecall isn’t working for you.