OpenZwave group associations

You’re doing it wrong. You’ve messed up the topics as well, restart your ozwdaemon.

@firstof9 that was exactly what I was afraid of. Is it possible you could try to explain what I have done wrong and how I do it right, I would like to learn this, so understanding what I have done wrong and learning what I shall do to get it right would help me.

It’s properly outlined in the previous post.

Topic: OpenZWave/1/command/addassociation/ <— Note the trailing / SUPER important.
Example payload:

"group": 3,
"target": "73"
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Hmm okay if i understand it correct, it should look like this

“group”: 2,
“target”: “27.2”

I Get this error


Incorrect, you are using the ‘fancy’ quotes, look at my example again.

Okay That was embarrassing. i will try again

That looks correct to me.

I have done it with all the 14 endpoints and did a restart my HA and the OpenZWave Beta, but i cant get a return signal, it just keeps switching back, du eny of you have a idea to where i have to look for that problem?

Maybe you could explain what you are trying to do? It looks like you’ve associated a node to itself, which is a bizarre thing to do.

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Okay i got a multichannel device with 10 outputs and 4 inputs, in the manual says i have to associate the outputs with the main device
ZIF5020: Interface for Underfloor Heating (12-24V) - Logic Group (

New to groups, but would this allow me to turn off multiple zwave lights with one command (while still being able to turn off lights individually) ?

No, associations are for controlling a node without the need for interaction from the controller.

Specifically you’re looking for the light groups.

You’d probably want to use scenes for that. Group associations are used for remotes and sensors mostly I believe.

Thx for your replies !

I am trying this but having no luck. I know ZERO about MQTT. All I know is I have OZW beta and its working. I went into my integrations and selected MQTT and then published the following with group 3 and group 4, but node 8 does not control 9. (these are the same settings I use in the old Z wave 1.4 and the association worked.

But I also have a MQTT in my Supervisor section. I dont know if I need these both, but I dont wanna mess anything up.

It sure looks like your payload is using smart quotes. Use plain quotes "".

What association groups does OZW say the device has? It would be under the association topic, e.g. OpenZWave/1/node/27/association.

Plain quotes? Can you show me what those look like? I copied the payload from another post, just changed node #.

Press and hold your Shift key and press the button labeled ' and you get ".