OpenZwave group associations

Hi, I have been using OpenZwave beta integration for a few months now, and then one thing I cant work out is how to set a node association.
Does the current beta support associations or is this to come?
If it does, is there any documentation I can be pointed at?

Any help is much appreciated


It does.

Sure thing.

Thanks for the info
Sorry for the noob question,
Would I send this association via homeassistant or MQTT explore?

I think I got it worked out… Thanks you so much

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I have the same question. May I ask how you solved this?

Hi @Freddan101

After a bit of digging this is what I did to get it working.
I used MQTT Explore
publish an event to topic “OpenZWave/1/command/addassociation/”

“group”: 3,
“target”: “73”

​ “node” - uint8: The NodeID to test
​ “group” - uint8: The Association Group you wish to add a member to
“target” - string: The Target Node you wish to send notifications to for this group.

most of the info I got from this.

in my case, my node had 3 devices. so I had to look at the group related to my switch(Switch2) which was group 3. you can see all this in MQTTExplorer under associations.

Hope this helps. Let me know if something is not clear


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Many thanks @fastie81. Seems I got it to work. :slight_smile: