OPNsense, integration


I have one question regarding the OPNsense integration and if someone made “more” in this way than is available inside the integration itself (OPNSense - Home Assistant). The integration works and I get an list of the connected clients but without IP or any more information. The only information returned is the either the MAC or Hostname in Friendly Name (great would have both but if hostname is available, the MAC address is replaced) and Manufacture - nice too. I would love to see the IP, uptime or any other information next to these? Anyone got something like this working?

also, for some clients (usually 1 or 2) I am getting this error:

2021-10-28 17:41:04 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.device_tracker] The see service is not supported for this entity device_tracker.18_f0_e4_2d_57_24

Any idea how to solve this?
Quite new to this but keen to learn.

thank you, Tomas

Hello all

I too have an issue with this integration.

As per OPNSense _HA page I did add the following to the config file

  url: https://router/api
  api_secret: API_SECRET
  api_key: API_KEY

I did follow the process to obtain the api and the secret and added them to the file. I saved the file (successfully), checked the configuration and rebooted HA.

Opnsense is turned on


I do not find this integration in HA ( not in devices not in service not in integration not in entities
can i follow the integration of pfsense?

What did i miss>

Thank you

I’ve decided to officially announce my opnsense integration here: OPNsense Integration