OPNsense Integration

I made an OPNsense integration which replaces the built-in component. It includes many statistics along with switches for firewall rules and services, device tracker functionality, various services such a wake on lan, and much more.


Finally, it’s official. :slight_smile:


Thanks for this!! Only thing i missed when switching to OPNsense from Mikrotik!

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Thanks @travisghansen for that great integration :wink: Installed with success and easily with my DEC 740 router from Deciso :partying_face:

Would be great to push that integration to replace the default one that is more or less useless :smiley:

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Does this integration have the ability to issue commands such as shutdown and reboot to the device? Would love to create a button to reboot the router incase needed.

Yes, it’s a service: https://github.com/travisghansen/hass-opnsense#services

That’s fantastic! Thank you for your hard work!

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