OPNsense Integration

I made an OPNsense integration which replaces the built-in component. It includes many statistics along with switches for firewall rules and services, device tracker functionality, various services such a wake on lan, and much more.


Finally, it’s official. :slight_smile:


Thanks for this!! Only thing i missed when switching to OPNsense from Mikrotik!

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Thanks @travisghansen for that great integration :wink: Installed with success and easily with my DEC 740 router from Deciso :partying_face:

Would be great to push that integration to replace the default one that is more or less useless :smiley:

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Does this integration have the ability to issue commands such as shutdown and reboot to the device? Would love to create a button to reboot the router incase needed.

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Yes, it’s a service: https://github.com/travisghansen/hass-opnsense#services

That’s fantastic! Thank you for your hard work!

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Awesome integration! I would like to request a network interface toggle. I know i can set a toggle with a block all rule on the interface but the current streams do not get disconnected. When you disable the IF the current streams are immediately cut off.

Yeah just create an issue on github. I won’t be able to address it for a bit but it won’t be forgotten.

I’m stuck with ‘SSL Failure’, it doesn’t matter if I tick the ‘Verify SSL certificate’ box or not.

The OPNsense firewall live view is accepting the communication from the HomeAssistrant OS install running on a Proxmox VM.

How can I debug this problem?

Thanks @travisghansen

Just moved over to OPNsense and this intergration works brilliantly!


Can you send over the hass logs?


Been using your awesome integration but today, after opnsense update, is not working anymore.
opnsense version 23.1.4

They broke the openvpn integration bits. A new release was snapped to disable that for now until I can take a closer look.

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Thank you for our great work!

This is an awesome integration! Any chance of adding CPU thermal data as well? Would like to do some automation around this metric and disappointed to not see it there. I added a feature request in Git as well.

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very good idea

UPDATE: I figured it out

NEW TO HA. First off thank you for taking the time to make this. I have successfully installed this add-on and I would like to use it for identifying when certain IP or MAC addresses connect to my network. I believe this is something I can do using the Device Tracker option in this add-on but I do not know how to turn this option on. Will this option do what I am looking for? If so how do I turn it on?

Yes it should handle that quite nicely! Just enable the tracker feature and select the devices you want to track.

I don’t monitor this forum very often and haven’t been super responsive on github lately as well. I’m just super busy at the moment but I will eventually dive in and address the requests/issues/etc.

@travisghansen thanks so much for making this! I’m newish to OPNsense and was just using the default integration until today, enjoying yours very much!

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