Option to move card to beginning of Lovelace dashboard

I would like there to be an option to move a card to the very beginning/top or end/bottom of a Lovelace dashboard. Currently new cards are added to the end, and if you want it at the beginning and have a large number of cards, it can be time consuming to move the card up one by one, particularly because it jumps around on the page as it reorganizes after each move.

There is a way already to achieve that. You can exactly set every card where ever you want it and it will never move away. Learn to use horizontal and vertical stacks :wink:

See here:

Appreciate the response. Not exactly what I’m asking though. I have plenty of horizontal and vertical stacks. But this would apply to any card (stacks or otherwise) that are added to the dashboard - it gets added to the end by default, and this would move the card to the very beginning without having to move it up many times one by one.