Options for Sunpower solar integration?

That’s an IPv4 ‘autoconfiguration’ address, which is not what you should see. What software do you have installed on the Pi Zero W?

PI OS Lite 32-bit – Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye).

I have not attempted to connect a PC directly to the LAN/USB/Dongle to see if I can get an IP. this maybe my next step.

Another thing I may be thinking is I am using an Ethernet Hat on the PI-Zero, maybe limited power from PVS6? The Ethernet Hat does include 3-USB A ports and RJ45. I will also try the USB/Ethernet Dongle recommended for the PI-Zero in the above documentation (maybe lack of power is causing odd things).

Slightly related: is there a forum or other site where Sunpower system owners hang out and talk about stuff? Occasionally I have questions about my system and would like to talk with other owners first before talking to Sunpower.

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I ended up restarting the PVS6 by cutting it’s power. I was able to get a proper IP from the PVS6 DHCP and now seems to be working.

Thank you to everyone who helped develop this integration.

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We’re now at 144 posts on this thread – what’s the preferred method for capturing Sunpower’s data?

Can we convert this post to a shared wiki so we can consolidate this info?

My PVS6 was installed and commissioned in October and I was able to get it to provide data to the hass-sunpower integration via the raspberry pi zero method using one of the approved usb-to-ethernet adapters. It wasn’t working immediately, but randomly started working about a day later.

However in homeassistant it periodically shows all of the data as “Not Available”. It all repopulates successfully if I reload the hass-sunpower integration manually. Does anybody know why it is becoming randomly unavailable and any idea how to remedy this? Possibly an automation that reloads the hass-sunpower integration every minute or two?

Is it maybe losing connection to your pi zero? Look in the HA logs for anything?

Logger: custom_components.sunpower
> Source: helpers/update_coordinator.py:168
> Integration: SunPower ([documentation](https://github.com/krbaker/hass-sunpower), [issues](https://github.com/krbaker/hass-sunpower/issues))
> First occurred: 1:06:44 PM (98 occurrences)
> Last logged: 8:32:21 PM
> Error fetching SunPower PVS data:

That’s all it says

So, apparently you can get individual panel data from the mySunPower app/website.

You need to ask your installer to enable it (which I just did).

If it gives useful information, maybe I’ll fork the existing integration (since hopefully a lot of the HA related stuff will be similar/the same).

The krbaker integration reports per-panel data on my system.

Yes, I know. But this could possibly be a way for those of us who don’t want to deal with messing around with putting a Pi in the box to get the same data.

That’s fair; for what it’s worth I don’t have an RPi in my PVS; I just ran two network cables from the PVS to my network switch and access the data that way.

Which ‘existing integration’ were you referring to above when you indicated that you might fork it?

Probably the krbaker one. I need to see what the Sunpower site will tell me once I get it enabled.

I could probably run cables too, but I don’t want to have to deal with the DHCP issues messing up my lan/and or having to drill holes through my wall.

Ideally, I would prefer doing it the direct way via the lan installer port, since I hate having to go to the cloud to do things that can be controlled/queried locally. But, I like the challenge :slight_smile:

I think that the Sunpower ‘cloud service’ doesn’t offer an API at all and there’s no practical way to integrate HA using that method. If that existed and was supported we wouldn’t have to ‘hack’ our way in via the installer ports :slight_smile:

Here’s an example of what I get using the krbaker integration, for each of my 37 panels:


Looking to integrate my SunPower solar system into HA using the RPi in the PVS6. I am assuming this will not void any warrantee on the system?

It does not. If you’re concerned about putting the RPi inside the PVS6, then run a LAN cable from the PVS6 to some other location in your house and put the RPi there :slight_smile:

So, I finally got my installer to turn on the per panel data.

Not as much detail as going from the LAN port, but still a decent amount:

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That’s nice, I wonder how hard it would be to get my installer to do the same thing. Any tips?

I just called them and bugged them to do it. It’s evidently not hard to turn it on, just usually a low priority for them. It took a couple of phone calls, but my installer has been pretty bad about follow up in general.

After an initial success that was actually a failure, sharing my (possibly interim) solution that is a little different that some of the others, as it doesn’t use HACS and happens to use Apache as the proxy, Very Basic SunPower and Home Assistant, no HACS. Like some others, it uses a TP-Link for the router instead of a Pi, but that was just because of the crazy Pi prices right now.

I went the non-HACS route as I am not already running HACS and I wasn’t sure if it was faster to set that up or write the RESTful sensor… I’m sure the hass-sunpower solution is way better and likely offers a lot more features, so when I have more time some weekend, I may go that route.