OR + AND conditions for Conditional Card

The Lovelace Conditional Card is great but I feel it could be made more useful if OR conditions were possible. Perhaps we could have new options in the configuration variables; you could have conditions_and plus conditions_or available. One or the other to be used.

Just voted for this. Bit surprised it’s not implemented really!


Agreed - I’m relatively new to hassio and was shocked to find that you couldn’t use OR on the conditional cards. This seems to dramatically limit functionality!

This seems to be incredibly limiting to functionality and seems to require bizzare work-arounds

I wouldn’t call making a template binary sensor “bizarre”, but it does seem unnecessary.

I’d also love to see ‘OR’ implemented in the conditions card. The workarounds are unnecessarily complex. +1 vote.

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I agree with you. +1

+10! :stuck_out_tongue: but please :slight_smile:

You are about template binary sensor?

Yes it’s one more entity for this simple task.

+1 from me to OR condition to conditional card

Plus One…

Plus one - would be very helpful!

Plus One here too

Sometimes it can be possible to solve what you need with AND combinations and the state_not: xxx option

+1 (y)
saves me in creating a template binary sensors just for this purpose.

Gotta throw my vote in here as well. I have a timer card that displays time remaining and I would love to condense that down to only running timers or have it go away when no timers are running.

+1. Need to show the batteries status, if any of them is low.

+1. Real world example: Our pool and spa temps are only valid when pumping water. I can use a conditional card for the pool temp gauge when the main pump is on. But I also want to conditionally show spa temperature when either the main pool pump or the spa pump is on.

If I want to do that today, I think I have to synthesize a sensor for this purpose. Kind of a pain given that I only need this for a Lovelace gauge.

+1 here for me


Like to see the standard condition as in automations.

condition: or
  - condition: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.abc
    above: '0'
  - condition: state
    entity_id: alert.bbb
    state: 'on'

etc. Well known syntax from automations and scripts and with capability of and, or, nested and and or, …


+1 for me. Currently, we we a template to do it…

+1. I also need it.