Orvibo B25

I have just purchased an S20 switch from Banggood, hoping to integrate it, but what they`ve sent me was the new version UK-B25. Does anyone know the difference? Is it possible to integrate?

Same here. (B25EU)

Same (B25EU)

I tried integrating the B25(UK), it doesn’t work. I hope it would someday:)

I came here looking to see if B25 version Orvibo switches worked with HA. I guess this means they don’t.
I read at this discussion that they communicate via TCP where S20 switches use UDP: https://stikonas.eu/wordpress/2015/02/24/reverse-engineering-orvibo-s20-socket

@happyleaves - it looks like you’re the author of the Python library… any chance of an update?

I am, but I don’t have a B25.

Ebay seller just sent me a B25 from china rather than the S20 I ordered.
Seems like the S20 is pretty much out of the channel now.
Im on the fence as to whether to hold on to the device and hope we get support (sorry I probably can’t contribute to supporting it)… .or ebay it and buy a 2nd hand S20 instead. I already have other S20 working well.

Apart from using different (incompatible) apps and APIs, are there any other differences known between S20 and B25 that may make it work keeping for the future?

S20 were hard for me to get working…

Maybe look at xiaomi zigbee they also have great motion door and temperature sensors making the hub worthwhile

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Currently en route from china to U.K. :slight_smile:
I have a xiaomi sensor kit but the gateway is old version so no API access :frowning:
Orvibo switch was a pain to get configured with their shitty app, but works flawlessly with HA for me.

Sadly the xiaomi wifi and zigbee sockets are no good for uk, hence using orvibo.
It’s a big shame as they are very nicely designed devices

From banggood:

you you connect the app more faster and easyer,UI Interface got more flexible,it can be connect Countless products not only you can connect the ORVIBO product,you also can connect ORVIBO ZigBee Product,B25 has more Powerful Compatibility that it give the Customer’s Second Choice

So, better English is not one of the new features, but something about connecting Zigbee products is. I don’t know how that would work though…

I think the banggood person is talking about the new orvibo app that the B25 works with.

HomeMate by Shenzhen HomeMate 365 Co., Ltd.

My guess is that the home mate app controls the b25 but additionally also controls other devices including the newish orvibo zigbee hub, which btw I think looks pretty nice.


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would be great to get the B25 integrated…

I have an interesting insight into the current state of Orvibo switches. I own an original S20 that works fine with Home Assitant. It is set up using the WiWo app on iOS, and communicates via UDP.

I recently ordered the new (and much small and better looking) Orvibo S30 switch (S30M is the specific model that arrived), and found that this model now connects with the HomeMate app rather than the WiWo app, and all traffic is routed via Orvibo’s servers after the initial setup. I had a quick look at some wireshark traffic dumps and couldn’t see any udp traffic at all. I didn’t really dive too far into it due to time pressures.


Because this wouldn’t immediately do what I wanted, I ordered another Orvibo S20, which arrived today. Unfortunately this is a new model S20, an S20c (although still branded S20, the specific model number on it has the ‘c’ suffix).

This new S20 also connects with the Homemate app, rather than the WiWo app, and doesn’t show up in Home Assistant either, so I’m making an educated guess that the new S20 now runs firmware that acts like the S30, and communicates directly via the Orvibo website.

When I get a chance I plan on looking into how the S20c and S30 communicate with the Orvibo site and whether we can emulate that communication. If the devices aren’t hardcoded to only accept communication from certain servers / addresses, then it’s possible that all the new devices communicate in a similar way and a library for communicating with them can be written. The S30 devices are beautiful devices, and much smaller too, I really like it. Also, the HomeMate app itself is actually a really good app!



Has anyone got a working version of this yet?



There is another thread on this topic here:

They link to a feature request for this:

And 21 days ago someone said they were going to start working on it, but they were asking if anyone could provide them with information that’d allow to get a quick start on the project. I don’t know enough to help (although I am good at following instructions) but I suspect there are enough knowledgeable people on here who can and, as it looks like the original S20s might be becoming rarer, it sounds like it is worth doing. Obviously, I’m biased as I have a couple of B25s (UK) and was looking into getting two more but still…

I got shipped a couple of “S20c” Homemate enabled units instead of the “S20” ones I ordered. I cracked one open, they seem to have an ESP-8266 variant as the SoC (no big surprises there), but no easy way I could see to hook up an FTDI to try and reflash them. Will try and get Wireshark in the middle of my phone and the switch, see if I can work out what protocol they speak

Will report back if I find anything

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I’ve been documenting my findings here.

Its a good news/bad news kinda thing. Good news is that Orvibo don’t seem to have done any kind of crypto/TLS on the connection, which makes things a bit easier

Bad news: on the face of it I can’t see any way where you can send command directly to the switch to turn it on and off - all the commands go via an Orvibo cloud server. This means that a solution to this is probably going to involve something that pretends to be the cloud server, and interfaces with MQTT or something, and doing something to redirect traffic (DNS override would be easiest)


Thanks for doing that digging around, sounds like they’ve made life trickier. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough to be able to judge how tricky. Do other devices do this? If so, and they integrate with HA, then there is hope this can be fixed.

I am currently within my returnable window and could swap these for something else, like the TP LInk plugs, but I’d rather keep these if HA integration is possible at some point in the future.

No promises as to if I will figure it out, or how long it will take, but it is possible to get these working (at least in principle, given the small amount of understanding I have of how they work)

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