Os.walk inside LAN folder

Hi, first let me tell you that I’m a very beginner in hassio and python, so be patient.

The background
In the same LAN network, I have hassio installed on a Raspi, I have myPC (windows 10) and I have another storagePC (windows 10).
I want to count the number of files inside a specific storagePC folder (and subfolders) and use that number into a if cycle and trigger some automations on hassio.

What I did
First I write a simple python script and I have tested it on a python environment on myPC, and it works.
Basically to get the file count I use this line:
file_count = sum(len(files) for _, _, files in os.walk(r'\\storagePC\shared\targetDirAndSubDir\))

Porting on Appdaemon
I have Appdaemon already up&running on my hassio for other stuff, but until now I used only pre-tested-working script found around the web; this is the first time I try to do everything by myself.

The problem
I created a new app but sadly I cannot get it to work. The app starts correctly and I have no errors on Appdaemon log, but monitoring file_count variable I noticed that its value is always 0.
So I think there’s something wrong with os.walk , maybe hassio can’t reach/browse the folder with that path.
Wrong syntax (slash backslash mess)? Permission problems (on windows the folder has fullcontrol access for everyone in the LAN without password)?

Any suggestion? Thank in advance.
n00b Riky

Have you tried another directory like the root directory


to check if the os.walk works at all?

And I think you are missing an ' at the end of your path.


That notation is specific to Microsoft’s operating systems. HASS is running on a Unix style OS.

Yes, with os.walk('.') it works, so the function it’s ok.

Ops, you are right. I copied wrongly in this post, but the script is correct on AppDaemon

So is it possible to browse that folder from HASS.io?

Is it a network folder shared on your PC or is it a local folder that you can access from within hassio? If it is shared folder, you can mount it to /mnt/pc_folder and then use os.walk(/"mnt/pc_folder/"). I am not using hassio so I don’t know if it will be easy for you to write a bash script to mount the folder on boot. You can also mount the folder from your python script in the initialize function.

If Hass.io is installed on a Linux OS with the folder mounted, definitely.
If you mean Hass.io on the stripped down HassOs, that is a question for their developers. They conflate the two by calling the HassOS version a Hass.io image.

I have Hass.io installed on a Raspberry Pi 3 and the folder I want to access is on another PC (Win10) in the same LAN.
I never mounted a folder on linux environment, so I have to find a solution within my reach.
I don’t want to go off-topic, but any suggestion is welcome.

If you installed the Hass.io image straight to the card, you have the slimmed down HassOs which may not have the software needed to mount a Windows share.

This now becomes a HassOs question. Likely the developers would need to answer this.

Yes, it’s exactly my situation :cry:

I believe with Raspbian it can be done with some of the client pieces of Samba.

Too hard for me, I think.

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