Osram Lightify automation failure

First: Great platform, thank you to all the devs who put in the time to give us an affordable non-cloud based option for home automation.

I have a pi all-in-one installation with some automation rules configured to turn on and off my Osram Lightify bulbs. I can see and control the bulbs using the toggle switches on the main page but my automation rules aren’t triggering the bulbs on/off. I’ve stripped my config down to bare bones, run through an online YAML checker and manually checked the formatting. In the logbook I can see the automations triggering when they’re supposed to but there is no subsequent entry showing the lights turning on or off. No errors in homeassistant.log. I did have this working before my all-in-one installation. Not sure how to proceed. Did the syntax change in one of the latest releases? Thanks.


  • alias: ‘Downstairs lights ON in the morning’
    • platform: time
      after: ‘07:30:00’
      service: light.turn_on
      entity_id: light.halllower

Hey, just saw this when searching the forum history and saw there wasn’t a reply. If you are looking to trigger that at a specific time, the trigger will need to be changed slightly

  - platform: time
    hours: 7
    minutes: 30
    seconds: 0