Osram Lightify Garden Lights failing to turn on using automation

I have these Osram Lightify lights connected to my husbzb-1hub and noticed that they fail to turn on using a simple automation. I can however turn them on just fine manually on the front end. Here’s the automation I am using:

      - alias: 'Garden ON Before Sunset'
        initial_state: on
          - platform: sun
            event: sunset
            offset: '-00:30:00'

          - service: light.turn_on
              entity_id: light.garden
              brightness: 255
              kelvin: 3800

The weird part is when I do realize they are off and try to turn them on using the frontend, they go on, then off then quickly back on again, as if they “thought” they were already on. That tells me the automation is working.

I did see a similar post by @Solo but I don’t think he ever found a solution.

Any ideas?