Our Google Assistant skill is live!


You have to use the sync - whether you say Okay Google, sync my devices, or use the control in the HA control panel.


Try putting it in the order of the config example. ie. Includes first, then excludes afterwards.


Are there any logs for this? I would like to know if the long delay while it is thinking is from my end or elsewhere.

When I first set this up last week it was between 1 and 2 seconds, still a bit too long but bearable. Now it is taking about 4-5 seconds which is quite annoying. Especially when I am right next to the light switch!

Does the HA Cloud know the status of our devices already, or does it check each time a request is made?

Also, when this becomes a paid subscription, please make sure you spend enough money on the HA cloud Hmso that part doesn’t cause more of a delay.


So “what’s the temperature in the bedroom?” Won’t work even if I have a temperature sensor in the bedroom and it’s connected to hass.io?

It seems pretty limited at the moment. You should probably extend the beta until you actually have everything working properly. Correct me if I’m wrong.


How things can be presented to Google is entirely up to Google. They don’t support thermostats that aren’t part of the heating/cooling system, so if HA presents a thermostat as a (supported) climate device, Google will reject the integration.

Now, if you want to create a template climate device, that’s up to you. Home Assistant cannot fake them automatically for you.


Awesome… This I would pay for access to.

I’m really drawn to the privacy of HASS… will the paid version allow us to pay pseudonymously via crypto? E.g. Monero Litecoin, Bitcoin etc.


Got Google Home working … Thanks…

Added some new lights … and asked google home to “sync my devices” and “sync my lights”
the lights on top spin for a while … and then “sorry i can not help you”

the only way i can see to add the new lights is to relink the Home Assistant home account ( ie delink and add back in via home control)
major problem with this , is the room name is lost and all the devices have to be reassigned to rooms again
I have 60 Devices

any ideas on how to relink without losing the room details associated with the devices ?




Are you using HA Cloud or the original component?


sorry , HA cloud


I know it’s planned to be able to specify the room in HA but it’s not in the cloud version yet. It is in the original one and works well (not that it helps you) It takes all the fear out of unlinking and relinking.

Unfortunately if it won’t sync, pretty much all you can do is unlink/relink.


i had the non cloud version previously , but setting up multiple user was a pain (via google console)


Tried this and sync’d no change.


Not a biggie but has anyone else noticed there are no device icons shown in Google Home app for Hass.io devices?


No - but I’m using the component and I have icons.


I had 30+ components but after doing a sync, I’ve lost them all and now only have 1 :frowning:


Well, I have a placeholder icon which looks like a rectangle in a rectangle but no media icons or switch icons…



Yes, all my icons are same as the placeholders you’re seeing for ‘Homeassistant computer’ and your ‘coffee maker’.


Oh I understand what you mean now. Is this not how they are supposed to display? My lights seem correct…


Great works! But Having a problem, Vera devices cannot be excluded from configuration, if people found exclude doesn’t work, the device maybe from Vera boxes with attributes like ‘Vera Device Id: ###’.