Our Google Assistant skill is live!


“couldn’t update settings check your connection” ?


Google TTS


You have asked this twice and had at least one response. Did you read and try the last response?


Sorry i miss it, " ensure that your username in google home is exactly the same case as it it is Home Assistant"
Need to add it to the Wiki, i do not use same user on HA and my Google.
after i make a new one like my google that work, non of the wiki talk about it :slight_smile:


Is there any new info on the subscription / payment system for the “Home Assistant Community Support Package”? The beta ends in 2 days (June 1) and I haven’t heard or seen anything since this Google Assistant cloud integration update was originally published. Please let us know if there is any news.


Going to extend the beta with another month. It’s on my to do list.


Thank you very much in advance.


Hi, Im new to this so it might be a stupid question but is there any page/site with all voice commands that you can use with the home assistant integration?
Allt the best!


Available commands are available on the Google Assistant Help: https://support.google.com/googlehome/answer/7073578?hl=en#control_lights


Thanks Balloob, I knew I had seen it before but couldnt find it again. Drove me crazy.


@kjacksonmusic did you manage to make the automation visible ?


I’m unable to log in to the Google assistant skill. I use the same email and password that I use for the Alexa skill, which works. When I try do sign in with the oauth dialog, I get an error message that the user does not exist. Same thing when I try to reset my password. If I try to sign up, and use the same email, I get an error that the user already exists. Is anyone else seeing this behavior?


I found the problem. My keyboard in android is using a capital letter to at the beginning of my email address.
Apparently when this form is submitted it uses a case sensitive check on the email address.



It was working fine, I tried to add more devices and forgot about the sync button. I unlinked in google home and now it will not connect again (couldn’t update setting. Please check you connection), I even tried setting up different accounts. Anyone else had this problem? If so how did you fix it?


I’m having the same issue, have you fixed it?


just run the simulator again in the google dev console and it will come good and let you link it again


This doesn’t work if you want to not interupt and override existing playback, broadcast message doesn’t interupt music playback. tts component does.


Could we please add support for Broadcast messages on Google Assistant? TTS is great and easy to start with, but broadcast messages are great for other types of messages that you don’t want to totally stop music playback, since using tts.google_say will completely override anything playing with it’s mp3 of the speech, making the user have to totally restart their stream of other music again.


I’d raise that as a feature request in the feature requests section of this forum.


The very reason for me to start using Home Assistant was to escape monthly fees. Now if i want to connect my Google home it’s 5bucks a month, nah… too much for me. 1$ is enough to consider it.