Our Google Assistant skill is live!


And it is up to you. It still possible to use itfor free if you just do the extra work yourself


Do you know if there are any guides documented on this? To set up the same functionality as with cloud.


If I am not wrong the Google Assistant component is still for use with google cloud


cloud: and google_assistant: (or alexa:) are different.

The cloud service is the one you have to pay for, the others are still free.


I assume that the free service goes to the Google or Amazon cloud and are free or am I wrong.The HA cloud cost


If you use the Google Assistant integration (component) and not the HA Cloud then yes it is free. (ditto Amazon). I am not sure why people need someone to keep repeating this!


Say it one more time, just to be safe :slight_smile:


I understand it, but man if you look at the documentation I really had to poke around to figure out how the two options work. Considering how popular these assistants are, it should be the one section of the docs that should not be confusing.

Sigh, since I am only a so-so coder, I should volunteer to help with documentation.