Outdoor POE 4K camera recommendations for HA with Frigate

I tried an Annke C800, but unfortunately the newest ones only support H.265, so the streams/recordings can’t be played in Home Assistant. Did you have to install Hikvision firmware before you had the option for H.264?

I’ve found two other models which are working well for me:


Amcrest IP8M-2454EW

Hum, good question, I don’t know.
For sure I now have H.264, H.264+, H.265 at least with Hikvision firmware on my C800s but I don’t remember how it was with the stock Annke firmware.

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I have moved onto the Hikvision DS-2CD2386G2-IU for my main cameras.
Available in White, Gun Metal Grey and Black.
1/1.8" Sensor so Night Vision is quite good.
Supports Audio with built in MIC
4K @20fps Main Stream
Susbstream 320x240 or 640x360 or 640x480
Third stream 320x240 or 640x360 or 640x480 or 1280x720

I use 4K for the recordings and use the 720p @10fps third stream for detections.

On Intel Hardware acceleration you don’t need any funky ffmpeg settings to try and get it to work, it just works.

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I have been struggling to get the Reolink 4k cameras working with Blue Iris but have finally done it by following this guide and, so far so good, they look pretty good.


Still working on setting up frigate though!

Hi ShawWellPeter - any luck getting the Reolink 4K to work with frigate?

Thanks! Jon.

Unfortunately not, it’s on the to do list. If you get anywhere please share

Just seen this Local realtime person detection for RTSP cameras - #5001 by palito

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are there any outdoor cameras with spotlight that for HA with Frigate? i.e. rtsp support?

I’m using this one, haven’t had the time yet to install Frigate, but it works like a charm with MotionEye

Good picture/audio (2-way) and a fair price :innocent:

I don’t think mine has POE (not sure though), but they do have POE types :wink:

hey, did you ever get the chance to try this camera in Frigate? They seem really reasonably priced so would be interested to know how you find them… picture quality? night time quality?

Hi Mike,

Quality is actually very good:
Also night time is also formidable…
The snapshot above is not 4K, as I reduced the resolution; MotionEye (running on HyperV) had performance issues running at 4K :thinking:

The only thing that lacks is trying out Frigate…I wanted to, but I didn’t find the time to try it out (yet)…sorry