Outdoor wireless motion sensor

This has been asked before, but I’ve not seen a good answer.

I need an outdoor motion sensor that works with HA. ZWave would be my preference, but wifi is ok, too. MQTT is fine. Other wireless technology is ok, though I’d rather not add more gateways.

I don’t really want to use a camera with motion detection, that seems expensive and complicated for what I want to do. I just want the kind of thing they put on security lights, but smart.

Ideally, it’d be something that uses battery power but lasts a long time, but I can run low voltage power to it if I must.

Strong preference for something that doesn’t need cloud/internet access, but lives locally.

I’ve seen people talk about using the Aeotech multi sensor, but that’s an indoor unit and I don’t really have much of an overhang where I want to mount it.

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How about making a diy enclosure for a Xiaomi sensor?

Whatever sensor you end up with, get two. Install them facing the same general direction (north, south, etc…) but make sure their detection fields do not overlap.

PIRs outside will be triggered by clouds passing in front of the sun giving you many, many false triggers. By making sure only one of your sensors is triggered in your automations you can eliminate this.

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I have no experience with it, but this seems like a good idea…a floodlight sensor with z-wave ability.

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I just bought two of these and received them today. While it does work as a simple switch I do not believe support has been added in open zwave yet. It shows as an unknown device and none of the sensors are being configured correctly.

If there is any information about these that I can provide to someone who could get them added I would be more then happy to help.

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I was also looking for an outdoor motion sensor solution.
The solution I found was to buy a RF reciever - https://www.banggood.com/Geekcreit-Doit-NodeMcu-Lua-ESP8266-ESP-12E-WIFI-Development-Board-p-985891.html?rmmds=myorder
and an 433Mhz outdoor Motion Transmitter http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bI6Kwboc

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Interesting. How did you integrate that to HA?

That’d be great, except I don’t have flood lights (and don’t want them) by my front door. May get it for the back/sides though.

I believe ring also had these now, but those are wifi and require the ring cloud.

Forgot to mention the 433tomqtt gateway connects the RF reciever to HA

More information on how to find the right 433Mhz code can be found here


I am very interested in the HS-FLS100+ sensor and would like to integrate it into my system. Please post if you are able to get this to work.

I have it working, and like others, due to limitations in OZW, you cannot configure it from Homeassistant. My workaround was to create a nodered flow that listens for changes to both lux and motion. when lux is <= 4, and motion is 8 (the command sent when motion is detected by the device), then it turns on the light. as a switch. it then waits for 8 minutes, polls for current motion value, and loops every 2 minutes until no motion is detected and issues a command to turn off. I’ve included the sensor_switch as a switch in my configuration.yaml to work this.

I’m seeing this was added to OZW config files on Sept 26th but a few of you said it was unknown when added–

Did anyone try adding after pulling updated config files with zwave.update_config?
or does that config need work?

Still shows as an unknown device for me. I’ve tried updating the config files to no avail.

Exclude/include after updating the OZW config files? Weird shrug

Its a pain to do with these devices, both are outside with one hanging off the front of my garage, and the other off the side of my house. reincluding them might involve a ladder and it is currently 21f outside here in Ohio. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any update to this? I am considering buying one of these if there is a smooth integration to HA.

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Also curious about an update. For those that have one, would you give it a thumbs up? Does it have good range?

I ended up going with a traditional sensor wired to a zwave relay. When the sensor trips the relay sense it and turns on the light. So far this is working okay, however an actual purposefully built device was more what I wanted.

I’m interested in this too. Do you have a link for the zwave relay you used?

I am using the Vision ZL7432 dual relay. I shorted the relay outputs together so that either relay can turn on the lights. It has 2 inputs. One input I have connected to the motion sensor, so when it is triggered the relay kicks on. The other input is not used. I trigger the second relay from HA. This way I can control the lights manually and the setup can also operate as it would normally without manual/HA control.


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Edit to add a TL;DR: The HomeSeer HS-FLS100+ seems to work fine. Use “burglar” value (8 motion, 0 no-motion). If you want to change any of the configuration settings, you’ll have to do some manual tweaking to your zwcfg file.

Got mine up today, Aeotec Z-Wave Z-stick network found it just fine (including being too far away so it connects via other devices).

The stock Home Assistant OpenZWave found all of the sensors and switches I believe, but it did not pull in any of the configuration settings. I created them manually, though they are almost identical to the ones posted above. You can back up your zwcfg file, edit it and for this device, replace CommandClass id=“112” block with the one above and you should be fine. I just confirmed that I was able to set the timeout period and set it to turn on even if the lux sensor is high, and then turn it back to normal again.

That said, I haven’t actually verified the range of the sensor yet, and probably will not be able to due to my setup. It’s looking at a relatively narrow area and seems to detect well for that.

I do have the same issues as the ms100 has in regards to issues with too many unused indications. I don’t know how the OZW database works, but this device didn’t even appear in the official database, so I’m not sure where the autoconfig comes from to recommend changes.

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