Outdoor Zigbee Siren SMaBiT (Bitron Video) AV2010 / 29A

I have been looking for a zigbee outdoor siren for a long time but there are hardly any options (if any). I recently bought a “SMaBiT (Bitron Video) AV2010 / 29A ZigBee” and managed to add support to it from zigbee2mqtt following the steps of https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/how_tos/how_to_support_new_devices.html and through trial-error

It is not yet supported by the official version (in the next version it will be), but it is supported by the EDGE version of zigbee2mqtt. The documentation is not yet in the official version but it can be seen here:

It is an expensive but quality, outdoor and robust alarm, and that sounds very loud. It has several kind of beeps that we can sound when arming or disarming the alarm and, in addition, we can trigger it and stop it in our automations. It also has an anti-vandalism device and is communicated by zigbee.

When I have it mounted I will put a photo if it interests.


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Im looking to do the same - but this (and all the other ZB external sirens) seem ‘unavailale’. And yes - this is expensive!
Im at the point of making my own.
How did you get on ?

At Amazon.es

I’m eyeing this too - thanks for sharing with the community.

Works really well and It has already support by zigbee2mqtt oficial version :slight_smile:

does this work the same in your opinion?

I think this is a previous version. It is support by zigbee2mqtt according to that: Bitron 902010/29 control via MQTT | zigbee2mqtt.io


I’ve also purchased the AV2010 / 29A. I have the latest master of zigbee2mqtt and I can see the device in node_modules/zigbee-herdsman-converters/devices/bitron.js.

The device also shows up on zigbee2mqtt logs:
Zigbee2MQTT:info 2021-10-26 16:18:21: MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/outside_house_siren', payload '{"ac_status":false,"alarm":false,"battery_low":false,"linkquality":255,"restore_reports":false,"supervision_reports":true,"tamper":false,"test":false}'

However I need some kind quidance how to get the siren to work in Home Assistant. The mqtt autodiscovery adds the device:
Entity binary_sensor.outside_house_siren_battery_low and binary_sensor.outside_house_siren_tamper are shown and inactive sensor.outside_house_siren_linkquality

There is no switch to turn on the alarm. I also tried to send mqtt messages to set it to sound in node-red:

msg.payload={"warning": {"mode": "fire", "level": "low", "strobe_level": "low", "strobe": false, "strobe_duty_cycle": 10, "duration": 3}};
return msg;

Message is sent on mqtt - but I cannot get the alarm to sound. Only time it was alarming was once the tamper switch was activated.

Kind regards,

I found my problem :slight_smile:

I used the wrong mqtt topic, since I probably have renamed the sensor at one time. So mqtt topics works as a charm to sound the siren now. Its a really nice outdoor siren I must say.

Now I works with this scripts in Home Assistant:

Disarm (2 short sounds):

service: mqtt.publish
  topic: zigbee2mqtt/siren/set
  payload: >-
    {"squawk": {"state": "system_is_disarmed", "level": "very_high", "strobe":

Arm (1 long sound):

service: mqtt.publish
  topic: zigbee2mqtt/siren/set
  payload: >-
    {"squawk": {"state": "system_is_armed", "level": "very_high", "strobe":

lunch 180s:

service: mqtt.publish
  topic: zigbee2mqtt/siren/set
  payload: '{"warning": {"duration": 180, "strobe": true}}'

Does anyone know if it works with Zha ?
It seems to be the best/only ZigBee siren.

If you use zigbee2mqtt, it works!

You confirm that everything does not work?

level: whatever I choose is the same. Same for mode…

I’m using Zigbee2MQTT, but are not able to change the level. Low or High doesn’t make a difference. Been searching and seems more folks have issues.

Hello, I have also successfully integrated a SMaBiT (Bitron Video) AV2010/29 via zigbee2mqtt and would like to create a switch for Alarmo. Unfortunately, my attempt is not working as follows: (the first one works but the second siren not)

  • switch:

    • name: “Heiman Siren”
      state_topic: “zigbee2mqtt/Heiman Siren HS2WD-E/set”
      command_topic: “zigbee2mqtt/Heiman Siren HS2WD-E/set”
      payload_on: ‘{“warning”: {“duration”: 1800, “level”: “very_high”, “mode”: “emergency”, “strobe”: false}}’ # 1800 seconds (30 minutes is the max)
      payload_off: ‘{“warning”: {“duration”: 1, “level”: “high”, “mode”: “stop”, “strobe”: false}}’
      retain: false
  • switch:

    • name: “Ausensirene”
      state_topic: “zigbee2mqtt/Ausensirene”
      command_topic: “zigbee2mqtt/Ausensirene/set”
      payload_on: ‘{“squawk”: {“state”: “system_is_armed”, “level”: “very_high”, “strobe”: “true”}}’
      payload_off: ‘{“squawk”: {“state”: “system_is_disarmed”, “level”: “very_high”, “strobe”: “true”}}’
      availability_topic: “zigbee2mqtt/Ausensirene”
      payload_available: “online”
      payload_not_available: “offline”
      qos: 1


Hello Samuel, are you doing well? Can you tell me how to create a switch for Alarmo?