Overkiz API and Somfy API

As far as I know, tilt position is not supported. HomeKit support is very limited unfortunately, thus why many of us are still using ha-tahoma to bring support to HomeKit.

I see - thank you for taking the time to reply. I’ll give ha-tahoma a go then.
I really hoped for a local-only setup - but let’s see if Somfy get their bums up and start implementing a reasonable HomeKit integration :smirk:

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afer updating to todays dev, I suddenly see:

Schermafbeelding 2021-12-24 om 11.42.55

which is cool ofc! hadnt expected that yet, so not really in the loop of the development for this now core integration… Can we already set the CC aside, and have the same overall functionality? Covers (and the Garage door!) are rather core to the instance, so please let me know in advance of any troubles to expect?
thanks, and kudos for the ongoing dev for this integration.

You spotted our new years present already. :wink:. However, we are not sure if we will have full parity with ha-tahoma before the next core release, however that will be mentioned in the changelog eventually.

Currently cover support is not in yet, and we don’t recommend running dev builds on your production instance. If you want to do nevertheless, you can have a look at the pull requests in core to understand what is in already.

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cool. will ‘ignore’ it for a while. Having said that, you might want to add the ‘ignore’ option to the integrations panel:

Schermafbeelding 2021-12-26 om 14.19.57

currently it popup every restart…see: can not ignore Overkiz integration discovery · Issue #62798 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

For covers, HomeKit-Controller in connection with the TaHoma box supports up and down, unfortunately not tilt at this point of time.
You may vote for the feature request in the meantime, that would be great.

Yes I’m using HomeKit-Controller with Tahoma-Box for a while now and it works like a charm.
Tilt is not supported though, (see my other post above with the feature request).

I do have a TaHoma box and a Velux KLF-200.
The KLF-200 is not so reliable, sometimes the connection just breaks and you need to reboot it. Also, the tilt position can be set but its not reporting the correct tilt position back into the Velux integration.

My current setup is:
Use TaHoma box with HomeKit-Controller to control io-motors for cover-position
Use Velux KLF-200 with the Velux integration to control io-motors for cover-tilt-position
Use TaHoma box with HomeKit-Controller to read values of io-motors of the cover-position and cover-tilt-position.

As soon as HomeKit-Controller supports set_tilt_position, I can get rid of the KLF-200 again.

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Do you know if you control your motor with a control unit (for example a smoove) if the positions are directly updated in Home Assistant?

The control unit talks directly with the motor with the IO protocol.So when your Home Assistant is directly updated with the correct positions then the Tahoma box is updating itself every second.

I have smoove io remotes in most rooms - updates are coming through thick and fast into HA - for example, when you press “up” on the smoove remote, HA (HomeKit-Controller) will report the cover state “opening” quite fast. Its not instant but absolutely okey for me.

Okay and where are we talking about? Are it minutes of just some seconds?

With Homekit Controller it’s a matter of 1 or 2 seconds.

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Okay that is really fast :slight_smile: .

How reliable is it? 100%?

I have moved to HomeKit-Controller and I don’t regret it at all. I have to admit I currently use the Velux integration with a KLF-200 too, to control tilt.
The Overkiz integration is a great integration, unfortunately the Somfy API is very unreliable from time to time, which is no good for the WAF! :wink: And it was frustrating for me too.

What I’ve seen so far, the HomeKit-Controller is very reliable, I did not have a single outage since I moved, which is a couple of weeks now.

When you change the state of one cover, its 1-2 seconds as already mentioned. I found though when you update one cover many times in a short period of time (I did this only for test-purposes, it takes a little longer (still seconds) to report the correct state of the cover. This is not a real-life scenario though, at least at my end.

The good news is: you can use Overkiz and HomeKit controller in parallel, so you can test it and still have Overkiz in place. Then, when satisfied, you can move entirely.

BTW, the tilt issue from the HomeKit-Controller integration is already being looked at on github. As soon this is solved, I can get rid of the Velux KLF-200 too :+1:

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Sounds good, The problem I have is that I have Somfy RS100 IO motors which has 2 speed modes to operate (normal and discrete mode).

Unfortunately HomeKit doesn’t support the discrete mode.

My hope was that one day the Velux KLF200 was the replacement for my Tahoma. But i’m happy to hear now instead of after I buy one, that it is not reliable. So I skip this from my buy list.

Using both integrations: HomeKit Controller and Overkiz is for me no problem. But I don’t think that will work for the discrete mode.

@tetienne : Setting the discrete mode with the Overkiz and then moving the cover up and down with the HomeKit controller doesn’t work I guess?

@tetienne: The stop cover functionality was a few months ago not supported by Somfy with the HomeKit Controller. Does Somfy updated in the meantime there HomeKit support in the Tahoma V2 and Switch?

right, so I updated to todays dev and not sure if this was there before that (didnt check) but None of my devices are showing in the devices list of the Custom integration. All entities are there…

so far so good:
Schermafbeelding 2021-12-31 om 10.22.28

clicking the 11devices… huh ?

@Mariusthvdb, please create an issue on GitHub, this is not the place for support like this.

And we probably don’t have time to support this issue as well, since we are working on rewriting the integration for the core PR’s. If you use the latest dev build (not even beta!), some things can be broken and it doesn’t need to be related to our integration.

understood, and its not Tahoma alone… No devices displayed in device panel coming from config/integrations · Issue #63160 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

so this is really playing up again, 3d time today…:

Schermafbeelding 2022-01-05 om 15.27.08

and I know you are aware of it, even contacted Somfy on it and waiting for reply.

What I dont get, is how it can be even considered moving in to core with this huge issue. I would think core integrations need to be fully robust, and we’ve seen integrations being taken out for things like this.

I couldn’t post this in the HA Core GitHub, since its more of a concern than a bug (though running HA dev, I havent installed the dev Overkiz integration and still are running the Custom integration)

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same issue.

when will it be fixed ?


@Mariusthvdb, I don’t even own any Somfy device myself. I just started this project (with @tetienne and @vlebourl) because my parents have a Somfy hub. We spend a lot of time working on this and indeed, lately Somfy had quite some issues.

However, you would be the main reason to just drop working on this. You are constantly bugging me (and others, looking at your replies) without any constructive feedback. If you want it removed from core, fine. I remove it, but don’t expect it ever to come back.

Just my 2 cents.

Oh and by the way, we do this fully voluntarily and unpaid (zero donations). So think about that as well before you create many issues, where many are even related to running unsupported dev builds. Our time is not free.