Add `tilt_position` support for covers in HomeKit-Controller integration

The HomeKit-Controller integration supports covers and its position, but not the tilt_position of covers (unlike Overkiz and the Velux/MyVelux integration, which do support the tilt_position).


If HomeKit-Controller would support the below tilt-services too, that would allow all users, using a Somfy TaHoma Box in connection with the Overkiz integration (–> cloud connection/unreliable Somfy API) to replace Overkiz and move completly to non-cloud / local controlling of their covers by using HomKit-Controller.
(Requirement is, that the cover-motors do support HomeKit, like the popular Oximo io-motors - compatibility list can be found here.

Minimal service requirement:

  • cover.set_cover_tilt_position

Additional, nice to have:

  • cover.close_cover_tilt
  • cover.open_cover_tilt
  • cover.stop_cover_tilt
  • cover.toggle_cover_tilt

This really would be a game-changer for all Overkiz / TaHoma users - thank you.

Whom is this request aimed at? The limitiation is not in HomeKit Controller, but in your Somfy device. If you would not use HomeKit Controller, but directly link your covers to HomeKit (iOS), than the tilt_position is not implemented as well.

If you have a look at the source code of HomeKit Controller, they already support it. core/ at fc1899987aae9edf1f91100bf4f22766732bc835 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

I actually cannot confirm this. I directly linked my Somfy io-covers to HomeKit (iPad controller) and I could easily control the tilt position on the iPad.

Are you sure? Than it would be a bug in the HomeKit Controller implementation, so not really a feature request.

I’m 100% sure and I can proof it if required. Happy to read its already supported! :slight_smile: So I’m assuming the right place for this to report is github? Will certainly do so.

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There was already an issue few month ago related to the homekit controller. This one was not able to pair with the Tahoma. So I won’t be surprised if there was an issue with the tilt position.

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Issue created.
I found that cover.set_cover_tilt_position works in a very limited way: it always closes tilt, regardless of the value that you set: 0, 25, 50, 100 - always closes tilt.

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Looking at your issue, someone is already tackling this. Great to see! :slight_smile:

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Solved with HA 2023.6.0