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Hi all,

I know it’s a very basic question but … I can’t make this work for me …

How can I override the password ? I remember there’s a way by including ?api_password=XXX at the end of the URL but I can’t make it work.

I’m in 0.27.1, with SSH.

You can’t override the password stored in the configuration.yaml file. For requests where you are not able to easily set the header (web browser, micro controller, or alike) you can indeed use ?api_password=PASSWORD like http://localhost:8123/api/config?api_password=12345 for API endpoints.

thank you @fabaff,

I’m just wall-mounting a tablet and what I want is to avoid introducing the password.

When I open a browser and after the normal URL I introduce ?api_password= it simply does nothing and still showing the login page.

shouldn’t it auto loging for me?

You can save the password if you’re using Chrome on the tablet and also you can save the URL to your home page and then HA becomes a “Web App” and will display full screen without the navi bar.

Or alternatively you can look into this, which is what I am using…

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@aimc Sure, he likes me, but I’m still waiting to find out about that aspect ratio thing… LOL

I don’t know what @rpitera is talking about - the instructions are right here!

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ROFL… Thanks @aimc

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?api_password=PASSWORD is for API calls only.

Can you use http: basic authentication to connect to HASS?

http://Username:[email protected]
https://Username:[email protected]

Thank you all … It was, of course, working as you mention above … it was me being stubborn what was failing.

removing the cached passwords, etc (cleaning up the tablet), accessing again and saving the password solved the problem.


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