P1mon and the new home assistant energy Integration Request

Hey there,
i’m an p1mon user:

its an alternative for dsmr-reader
i use p1mon on home assistant for a while.
But sadly its not supported trough a Integration.
It would be more then nice if its gets supported,
even for the new energy thing to get it worked.
Since i use template rest sensors for my HomeAssistant now.
And this is not supported by the new energy thing so it doesn’t work now.
I Really hope someone makes an integration or wants to help.
Many thanks grz Alex

If you configure utility_meter integration with feed of your rest sensors, you can do quite a lot already as the utility_meter is doing the stats and daily reset for you and no need for integration seperate.

    source: sensor.p1_consumed_energy
    cycle: daily

and that for all your sensors (4 probably, peak and off peak for consumed and produced)

tx for your reply
will it work in home assistant energy
since it allready doesn’t allow to select template sensors

yes… i’m using it myself :slight_smile:

templates dont offer the daily reset, utility-meter does, so thats why it is allowed

Hm nice you have more pictures?
So the new home assistant energy works with this?


i think we may have the same rest sensors you wanne share your home assistant config
For the utility_meter part
maybe more people could have something with it to?

When I have the time available, I would like to look at the possibilities of building an integration for P1mon. Given the API options, it must be possible to make something beautiful out of it :smiley:

If there are more people with some integration / python knowledge to help with this, let me know!


sadly enough not enough python knowledge but an integration would be great!
Specially if the gas / water sensor could be included!

Could someone check something for me? What does the Phase API return to you?
You can find this by entering this in your browser: <IP ADDRES>/api/v1/phase

when i visit i get {“title”: “404 Not Found”}

It should be: :sweat_smile:

A PR is now ready to get the integration into core :smiley:


@klaasnicolaas thanks for your work! I’m about to go o replace a broken raspberry pi which I was using with ser2net and Dsmr integration in the past. Because my home assistant is running on another device away from the meterkast. Im not really sure if I should use ser2 or this integration. What are the differences, if any? Does one or the other offer more data, more/quicker updates, electricity vs gas?

Hey there i use p1mon for a year allready inside my meter cupboard.

i think this here is very usefull info to get started
i don’t know what the difference is between p1mon and the others since i only use p1mon…
But it works fine for me with gas to
in a few days in the september release of Home Assistant there will be a new integration
for this p1mon created by @klaasnicolaas.
So we could directly use p1mon inside the new Energy thing from Home Assistant.
I Should say try p1mon out very good documentated and easy.

Personally, I am more a fan of slimmelezer and the way to read them via ESPHome. But in the end there are many options for reading your P1 data, either directly or via an intermediate route like P1 Monitor. Try things out and see what works for you :wink:

I have been waiting patiently for this integration to be released so I could start using the energy dashboard in Home Assistant. So far so good. Consumption and production sensors activated using the P1 mon integration. However, I also use the P1 monitor to get my solar production data. This data is provided to the P1 monitor Pi using the GPIO pins. I would like to get this data too in Home Assistant and was assuming this would be available too, but can’t find it anywhere. Am I overseeing something?

We can still add this, but so far it has not happened because I depend on testing on other people’s systems.

What a very nice added integration that is added! I was waiting for this one for a while. At the moment I’m making custom sensors for every API but this will make it much easier!

I understand the integration is brand new, but my P1monitor is also measuring solar production and water usage. Would be nice to have those added as well at some point :slight_smile:

If you need someone to test I’ll be available!


Sounds like a perfect use case, lets continue in a (DM, Discord etc.) to work out what we can set up for testing :wink: