Panasonic 4K Bluray Support

Hi all,

Would love to see support for the current generation of Panasonic 4k Bluray players (UB420/820/9000) in the panasonic_bluray integration. They have a network port so there is definitely connectivity.

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Old post, and late reply, but just in case you or anyone else is getting stumped…

check out a python module called panacotta (that is what the integration is using).

You have to make sure you allow remote connections to your blu-ray in Network settings:

I have an older DMP-BDT220, but it works for what I need it to do. I am trying to figure out how to get prev/next/eject to work, but the Integration is pretty clear that the existing core Integration only supports Power On/Power Off/Play/Pause. However Panacotta supports a whole lot more!

Have fun!

Thanks for the reminder. I forgot I submitted this feature request. The newer UB players have since been added in panacotta 0.2 and HA.

You’re right, panacotta supports more features. I’m going to mess around with adding prev/next support to the HA integration and will make a PR in Github if I get it working.

Eject functionality sadly doesn’t seem to be supported by the media player entity in HA:

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I have NEXT_TRACK, PREVIOUS_TRACK, and used STOP to control EJECT (Play/Pause works for me as a stop function)…


I hope this is useful!

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