Password not working

I cannot log into my HASSIO. Invalid username or password
WTF? I was just using it today.

Please tell me I don’t have to start from scratch. I did not change any settings or mess with the config yaml file.

The usual cause is forgetting your password or username. Do remember both a case sensitive.

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I did not have to use a user name & password until last update.
I am well aware of “case sensitive”. No, I did not forget the password either.

I do appreciate any help I can get. Thanks

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Sorry, just frustrated *** sigh ***

You don’t have to start over, and you don’t have to be so upset. Just read the release notes about authentication.

You can delete a few files in the config directory to get it to prompt you for a new user/pass, but this will require you to clear your browser cache

Pretty sad when it took me that long to find the menu to delete the browser cache.
Now what? Which config directory? On the Pi? Feeling the effects of getting old. I used to do these things without having to think. Any way… Standing by waiting for a reply. Will have to read it when I wake up. It’s 1AM and I have to get up in a few hours.

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I have just taken a look in my system (hassbian, not and it looks like the auth details are in your config directory in a hidden subdirectory called .storage. There is a file called auth and another called auth_provider.homeassistant.

So in they will be under the /config/.storage directory. Whether those auth files are what @flamingm0e is suggesting deleting, I am not sure.

It’s right there on the authentication page.

So I am in a worse dilemma… My password is a standard that I use for medium security situations. I have used it in many places. I installed Home Assistant in September and did minor configuration, but did not need to use it until now. My standard password is no longer recognized. I read the direction on deleting files and re-authenticating,but the files are on my Orange Pi Home Assistant installation which I cannot get into due to the password issue…

Any other ideas?

ssh into your orange pi and delete from the commandline.

when I SSH into the Orange Pi the result is:
Putty Failure Error
Network Error: Connection refused.

Is ssh running?

SSH does not connect. I can see the IPaddress on my router and I can ping it successfully, but when I try SSH via Putty I get:
Network Error: Connection refused.

I am not familiar with orange pi. Does it have an sd card you can remove and edit on a PC?

Yes, it does. Any suggestions?

Like I said…

Ok, I thought you meant edit the files on the device memory. I have done that previously using SSH to get in and then edit using the tools in that environment.

In this case the content of the sd card is not readable on a windows PC. How would you suggest I access the content of the sd card and what editor to use and what files to edit?

The filesystem on the SD card is probably ext4. Google

ext4 windows 

finds a lot of options.

The project activity tickets on the site:
Are not very promising. Not convinced I want to use it.

Hello everyone,

After moving to a new router and access point I wanted to easily update my hassio’s wifi/network configuration. I used the USB stick with network config approach. Unfortunately, even though my raspberry was connected to the AP, home assistant failed to recognize my 100% correct credentials. To get around this, I inserted the SD card into my laptop and opened it as root (using Ubuntu) and delete the files mentioned in the documentation. Seems to have worked and I’m back in. Definitely will set up ssh before making any more changes.