Person component, how to get the default mdi:account icon back

Device_tracker used the default mdi:account for each user. Now the person component shows text instead of an icon. How can I use the default mdi:account icon?


You should be able to go into the Customization section of the settings and change the icon of the person entity to mdi:account. You can do this via the UI by Configuration > Customization, then just select the entity and choose to override the “icon”, put mdi:account in the field and you’re good to go. You can also just add the following to your “customize.yaml” file in the root directory for HA:

  icon: mdi:account

I don’t think there is a way to default ALL person entities to a certain icon, as far as I know you’ll have to do this with each person entity in your instance.

You can also make the person component display a photo instead of an icon, which is nice =]

customize.yaml already has the icon: mdi:account specified, but it is not honoured by the new Person component. Looks like this Person is not fully baked yet.

I had to make the change in the UI for it to stick. I have my person component working with the account icon. I’m using Lovelace though, not sure if that matters.

same problem here, any icon, only that ugly home and not_home text

Any ideas?

yeah, I agree. There doesn’t seem to be any way to define an icon or image. I did try to define an icon via customization.yaml, and interestingly, the entity detail showed that it was accepted. Unfortunately, neither the lovelace card or badge honored the icon and displayed home/not-home instead.

Has an issue been raised on it yet? I haven’t found it, if so.

EDIT: Found that an issue was raised for this, but it was closed saying it was a feature request, not a bug!


Can you please explain a bit more what you needed to change in the UI for the person icon or image to display?

When I view person.gary entity details, it shows that the customization.yaml was accepted as an updated property, but it does not display in lovelace.

person.gary    home
source: device_tracker.gary
friendly_name: Gary
icon: /local/gary.png


  icon: /local/gary.png

I found that there was a feature request submitted a while back to enable pictures for the person component. In that FR thread, a solution was posted that works great.


  entity_picture: /local/images/gary.png

(Images are located in the config/www/images directory on Hassio)

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