Philips Air Purifier Climate / Fan Component


Wondering is there a possibility to integrate the Philips Air Purifier to HA ? User @HaUserFromFarAway found this command line program to control the WiFi enabled Philips Air Purifiers -
It is tested with AC2729 and AC2889 models. I have the AC3259 and it is working too. Can anyone try to wrap it into a HA component ?

Totally agree. The default app is not much more than a fancy remote control. Being able to do some automation based on presence, weather, air quality in- and outdoors would be awesome.
Out of the box Philips offers nothing, so HA would be the first platform where we can automate philips air purifiers/humidifiers.

Come on now!

No one with the skill and time to get this working?

All i can do is confirm that the linked python command line tool works perfectly with the Philips AC3829 (purifier + humidifier).
I have zero programming skills unfortunately, and asking around in several facebook groups did not lead to anybody with the combination of:

  • has (python/yaml) programming skills
  • owns a philips purifier
  • uses Home Assistant

If anybody is looking here that has the technical skills but does not own a philips air purifier, the python tool works, it just needs to be wrapped in a HA component.
If anybody can wrap it into a HA component, i’ll gladly test it, do whatever finetuning is needed and make a fancy lovelace card for viewing and controlling your purifier from your HA dashboard.

Would love to see an integration for this.