Philips Dynalite lighting + switches

Just an update, I changed my bridge, and it seems to work no more check sum error.

Good. The one suspicion i had was that it was using the Dynet 2 protocol, which is internal to Phillips and they don’t publish it, so glad to head that it works.

Let me know if you encounter anything else or have a missing feature that can make it better

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Thanks a lot, I just need to get feedback working 100%, currently only when I restart home assistant it gives the state of the lights. My active configuration is now active: on

can you please start a new thread about this? this one is getting quite long.

when you open it, can you please describe the scenario that you see that reproduces it, and i am sure we will be able to understand it

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All right thanks again for your patience. Will do so

New topic added here



Well, few issues:

  • not really good at capturing states, often light is on 100% and HA shows 60% or off. Worked OK with unofficial component.
  • can’t move more than one cover. If I order 4 of them to close HA will do it one in a time. Goes to move next when previous is finished. Automation will move them all together, but from Lovelace it is like this, one by one.

Config is a bit different, so it took some time and trying to make it work but that looks Ok now. It is not as in documentation where " no changes needed when going to official. Not that big deal, but worth mentioning.

thanks. Can you please open the first issue in a new topic? This one is getting long. If you can reproduce and send me the logs with dynalite_devices_lib set to debug, would be great. There is another similar thread that i am working on a similar topic but not sure if it is the same.

For the second issue, is it happening when you move them to a position or simply up / down? if it is by setting the position, i believe i know where the problem is and can fix it. In my setup i use mostly up/down and i can certainly move them in parallel.

The issue with the component is that i found several bugs and pretty much had to rewrite the library to make it stable. will get the missing features / broken functionality fixed quickly

1st issue.
Started new topic:

2nd issue
Yes, i mostly use set cover position, and not up down. But what confuses me is that in automations it mostly works (not allway) and from lovelace it never works, always one at the time.

It is great if you know what it can be :slight_smile:


Ok if I create a custom component for you with that functionality to test it until it gets absorbed in the mainline code?

Great, let me know :slight_smile:

Hey all, I’m a Dynalite programmer but new to HASS.
RE: issues with feedback from your Dyanlite network ie you press a physical switch but the channels aren’t updated in HASS - I’m using a PDEG which auto configs the port to Dynet 2 and wasn’t getting feedback. I configured a new TCP server port using Dynet 1 and it is now working.

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Thanks. Good to hear. If you are a Dynalite programmer, any chance that you have the binary protocol for dynet 2? i couldn’t find it online so the component only supports dynet 1

The Dynet-2 protocol is proprietary so you won’t find it anywhere unfortunately, only Dynet-1 is open.

Thanks. So unless someone from Phillips decides to integrate it, will only support dynet 1…

BTW, do you know how to setup a PDEG so it uses dynet 1 and not dynet 2? I had people having problems

I doubt they ever will tbh…

Yes, you need to change the port settings for the one setup to integrate with HA

Hello Flinn,

I’m dealing with the same problem.

Where did you set up the new TCP server port using Dynet 1? I couldn’t find where to make these settings. I would be glad if you help.

Thank you.


Using System Builder/Envision Project Dynalite software. It’s under the PDEG in Port settings.