Philips Hue Dimmer Switch v2 (Zigbee2MQTT)

I tried several existing blueprints and none worked as I wanted. Here is my take on it.

See description for the details.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

To have different actions on short press and on hold (long press), use ‘button release’ (*_press_release) and ‘button hold once’ (*_hold_once) commands, as ‘press’ (*_press) will always trigger before ‘button hold’ (*_hold).

When you hold a button, ‘button hold’ (*_hold) command is repeated roughly once per second. This may not work as desired with actions like toggling light/switch.

If you want an action to run only once when the button hold action is registered, use ‘button hold once’ (*_hold_once). It’s better than using ‘button hold release’ as the result can be observed before releasing the button after holding.

As ‘button hold’ action is repeated by the device while you keep holding the button, it’s a good way to run actions which increment / decrement some value (such as light dimming).

To make it react as soon as the button is pressed, copy the same action to ‘button press’ (press action occurs immediately, while hold action occurs after a delay).

Make sure to manually create a separate Text Helper per dimmer device and define its entity in the automation. It’s used to store the last controller event to filter possible empty events and handle ‘button hold once’ actions.


Thank you for this blueprint, i’ve been using it for a while, sadly after updating to home assistant core 2023.1.x, having this blueprint installed results in a notification asking me to check the automation and default_config logs and my automations page is completely empty with no automations working.

The logs point at a very generic “dependency error”.

Has anybody experienced this as well? Is there a long-term fix to it? For now, I rolled back to 2022.12.9, which seems to fix the issue.

I have no errors with this blueprint and the following HA versions:

Home Assistant 2023.1.7
Supervisor 2022.12.1
Operating System 9.4
Frontend 20230110.0 - latest

Works exactly the same as before.

Thank you for answering.
That‘s interesting to hear, it‘s quite weird because i have no issue when on 2023.1.x and uninstalling the plugin, but the notification appears and all automations stop working, the moment i reinstall this blueprint.
I‘ll keep digging.

any idea on hos to fix this?

Logger: homeassistant.components.automation
Source: components/automation/
Integration: automation (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 27 January 2023 at 17:58:28 (2 occurrences)
Last logged: 27 January 2023 at 17:58:28

Blueprint ‘Philips Hue Dimmer switch v2 (Zigbee2MQTT)’ generated invalid automation with inputs OrderedDict([(‘action_sensor’, ‘sensor.attic_hue_dimmer_switch_action’), (‘helper_last_controller_event’, ‘input_text.atticdimmerswitchlastevent’), (‘on_press’, [OrderedDict([(‘device_id’, ‘’), (‘domain’, ‘’), (‘entity_id’, ‘’)])])]): Integration ‘’ not found. Got {‘mode’: ‘restart’, ‘max_exceeded’: ‘SILENT’, ‘trigger’: [{‘platform’: ‘event’, ‘event_type’: [Template(“state_changed”)], ‘event_data’: {‘entity_id’: ‘sensor.attic_hue_dimmer_switch_action’}}], ‘condition’: [{‘condition’: ‘template’, ‘value_template’: Template("{{ not in ("", “None”) }}")}], ‘action’: [{‘variables’: <homeassistant.helpers.script_variables.ScriptVariables object at 0x7fa65bd600>}, {‘service’: ‘input_text.set_value’, ‘data’: {‘entity_id’: 'in…
Blueprint ‘Philips Hue Dimmer switch v2 (Zigbee2MQTT)’ generated invalid automation with inputs OrderedDict([(‘action_sensor’, ‘sensor.my_room_hue_dimmer_switch_action’), (‘helper_last_controller_event’, ‘input_text.myroomdimmerswitchlastevent’), (‘on_press’, [OrderedDict([(‘device_id’, ‘’), (‘domain’, ‘’), (‘entity_id’, ‘’)])]), (‘up_press’, [OrderedDict([(‘type’, ‘turn_on’), (‘device_id’, ‘86a2f4ccd2bcd95d8bb0b035f1e5040a’), (‘entity_id’, ‘switch.open_my_blinds’), (‘domain’, ‘switch’)])]), (‘down_press’, [OrderedDict([(‘type’, ‘turn_on’), (‘device_id’, ‘749725e49387b99bc33392da3a1b2e3b’), (‘entity_id’, ‘switch.close_my_blinds’), (‘domain’, ‘switch’)])]), (‘off_press’, [OrderedDict([(‘type’, ‘turn_on’), (‘device_id’, ‘303994b7c268b4c8eb34aed374b24353’), (‘entity_id’, ‘switch.close_my_window’), (‘domain’, ‘switch’)])])]): Integration ‘’ not found. Got {‘mode’: ‘restart’, ‘max_exceeded’: ‘SILENT’, ‘trigger’: [{‘platform’: ‘event’, ‘event_type’: [Template(“state_changed”)], ‘event_data’: {‘entity_id’: ‘sensor.my_room_hue_dimmer_switch_action’}}], ‘condition’: [{‘condition’: ‘template’, ‘value_template’: Template("{{ not in ("", “None”) }}")}], ‘action’: [{‘variables’: <homeassistant.helpers.script_variables.ScriptVariables object at 0x7fa629fe50>}, {‘service’: ‘input_text.set_value’, ‘data’: {'entity_…

Does it help if you remove all the automations based on this blueprint and then add a new one from scratch?

I tried that when the issue first appeared and it didn‘t help. I tried it again yesterday and for now it seems to have fixed it - thank you for the suggestion.

This works really very nicely! Thank you so much!

Do you think that there is any way to control the speed (repetition intervals) so we can make brightness changes smoother?

Hi Jet,
Being a newcomer to HA I fell upon this blueprint but I’m not sure how to make the file and what to put in it? Searched for other content on it without any look. Would it be possible for you to give some instructions on this point?