Philips Hue Motion Sensor two sensors for motion

I bought myself Philips Hue motion sensor because of it’s fast response and reset times. I used ZHA to integrate it with HA ( was used). I was a little bit surprised when discovered that there are also temp sensor and lux sensor - didn’t even noticed that as all I wanted was motion sensor.

But on the topic. There are two sensors connected to motion: occupancy and on_off. I have also Sonoff motion sensors and they have one called on_off. So I thought that would be the one here as well but in case of Philips that wasn’t true. Occupancy is the one that changes when there’s a motion and on_off doesn’t do anything. So what the point of occupancy one?

The on_off sensor relates to the push button inside the sensor (next to the reset switch there is a switch marked with a letter T). If you open the battery compartment, you’ll see it.

The occupancy item indicates if there is movement. It stays active for a couple of seconds (cooldown period). My experience is that it was not triggered for a while it stays longer active (15 secs), if triggered a couple of times quicker between the attempts it will be 10secs.