Philips hue wall switch module with deconz/conbee II


I want to use the wall switch module for some lights. The pairing with my conbee II via deconz seems to work more or less well. I can see the switch and configure it e.g. as double rocker. But I am only able to see a battery entitiy and no switching entity in deconz and in HA. I tried another wall switch module and there is same behaviour. Is there any trick to get it running?

I only found an older thread. Phillips Hue Wall Switch Module - #40 by wigster Up to now, it seems that dresden elektroniks already updated the software and it should be possible to connect the wall switch module.

HA and deconz are up to date and a restart of both were not helpful. I also tried to remove the module from deconz and repair it - same behaviour.

How are you sucessfully pairing your hue wall switches?

There never is an entity — these modules unfortunately do Not have states, they just send a toggle event when they are flipped.

The way to use them in HA is to use the event platform trigger to execute some automation when the light switches is flipped. Alternatively, if the lights you want to toggle are also Zigbee, you can group the switch with some lights inside the Phoscon app and they will turn on/off without HA.

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Thanks, works

I thought at that time only a beta of deconz/phoscon was available and meanwhile there should be a more sophisticated solution