Phoscon Philips Hue Wall Module cannot be added

Hello Guys,

I already found another post about a similar topic which sadly did not help me at all: Philips hue wall switch module with deconz/conbee II

My goal currently is, add my 2 new Philips Hue Wall Modules to Phoscon. The modules are RDM004 modules. When I try to add them via “Connect new Switch” - “Philips” and then Choose the module, I cannot seem to connect it properly. After several failed tries to connect it with the wizard, i exit it and suddenly see the module in “switches”. That does not make any sense to me.

I am currently using HAOS on a RaspberryPI 4 and the Versions are the following:

  • Core: 2024.3.2
  • Supervisor_ 2024.03.0
  • Operating System: 12.1
  • Frontend: 20240307.0

When the device has been “added” without successfully pairing it via wizard i can see the Switches in HA and they are displayed as “Switch 17” and “Switch 18”, maybe because of my many failed attempts to add those modules in Phoscon.

The only thing i can get from those 2 switches is the battery life: sensor.switch_XX_battery.

I do have a single rocker switch that can be switched into 1 position or into the other (On/Off) and stays there. I know that the Module only sends an event, and I also know that the event is 1000 and 1002. The Issue for me is to find the sensor data anywhere.

I am a bloody starter to HA and would greatly appretiate any help. If any information is missing I will do my best to deliver those ASAP.

hope you are all having a great evening!