Philips Sonicare Integration for Bluetooth Toothbrushes

I have a Philips Sonicare 9300 that was gifted to me. It has Bluetooth connectivity to connect to a smartphone app and display brushing pressure, when to switch spots in your mouth, battery level, tooth brush life remaining, etc.
I see this mainly as a gimmick and rarely ever use the app. However, if there was an integration for Home Assistant, I would setup a tablet in the bathroom that automatically displayed all of the brushing information.
Raspberry Pi’s have Bluetooth capability, so I was hoping to be able to use that.
Hopefully some other find interest in this.

I have requested an API from Philips Sonicare

It seems someone has done it with Oral B. I’m guessing it would be done in a similar way.

It looks like there are now python bindings available for the Philips toothbrush, they just need to be packaged and listed on PyPI in order to build an integration.

Hi Austin, I wanted to follow-up and see if there was ever a solution to your post. I am also interested in this type of integration. Thank you.


As far as I am aware, there has been no solution.

Hi @IIAIronWolf,

Have you ever received the API from Philips?



I don’t have the knowledge to utilize the API, but someone has created a reverse engineered version on github: GitHub - joushx/python-sonicare: Python library to communicate with a Phillips Sonicare toothbrush via Bluetooth Low Energy

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There is a Passive BLE Monitor integration available that captures alot of BlueTooth data from devices.
It works with Oral-B and Xiaomi toothbrushes and might also work with Philips, but if not then there seems to be a really good active developer on the addon.

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Now that we have an integration for Oral-B toothbrushes, I believe supporting Philips Sonicare makes a lot of sense and is probably much easier now.

I’m available to test and capture info from my devices.


Me as well, I have a Sonicare Diamond


Mee too, I also have a Sonicare smart toothbrush.

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From the github link above, the original blog posts shows the author did a good job documenting this connection. Would love to see this in HA - just got the kid a bluetooth one and would love an automation telling me if she brushed!


I also have the Sonicare toothbrush and would love to see this integration. I’m happy to support with testing if helpful.


Work in progress…
hacs: GitHub - GrumpyMeow/sonicare-ble-hacs: Sonicare BLE HACS integration


That is cool!
Thanks for investing your time on this, and please let us know if we could help in any way. I’ve started with the translations to Portuguese… :wink:

Thanks! I will test your integration.

I have a Shelly Plus 1PM in place and added the Bluetooth LE Tracker integration. Devices are being found (however with no battery status) and my Philips Sonicare (X991B DiamondClean 9000) is being added as a device (it was added by the Bluetooth LE Tracker).

But as soon as I want to add your integration Sonicare BLE Toothbrush, it says No devices found on the network and thus I cant add the integration…

I also added an ESP32 (M5 Stack Atom Lite) and I’m able to see the sonicare through the logs, but no luck with adding it to HA…

I also tried with my HX991B, but also had no success to connect with the integration :frowning:

Someone actually ever been able to successfully use GitHub - GrumpyMeow/sonicare-ble-hacs: Sonicare BLE HACS integration so far?

Looking at the other side of the ocean at the Oral B folks (official integration, wow!), there seems to be a long way to go for Philips Sonicare… :frowning:

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