Philips who? (false-positive & discovery ignore/blacklist doesn't work)

Who and why?

I don’t have it, I don’t want it but it’s discovered :roll_eyes:

How to get rid of it?

Look at the ignore section of Discovery

This is a good one, thank’s!

Any special reason for this false positive?

Do you have any devices in your network that use Emulated Hue? (Tasmota supports it, as well as a number of other devices).

You can just go through with the discovery process and see what it adds, then delete it again after you find out what got added.

Just edited my yaml to ignore phillips poo and restart ha - guess what, here it is again:


Not that I know. Just esp’s mainly with esphome some with espurna.

Can’t do that because I should hit the button on the who


EDIT: Did another restart to be sure: Guess who’s here? :ghost:

Espurna seem to show as Phillis hue, go into espurna and turn off discovery

Just checked. I just have home assistant discovery (over mqtt) active - nothing else. I also don’t find any Phillips/Terrance/… discovery option. Running espurna 1.13.5/1.13.6b and the espurna documentation also doesn’t know Phillip. Just a fauxmoESP (belkin wemo) discovery thing.

Who is Phillip? :dolphin:

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I don’t see anything in what you have posted about Phillips being discovered. Just Philips.


FYI the ignore section of discovery is completely broken for some components

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…And I get permanently notified that there is something which isn’t there and I can’t blacklist/ignore it… nice :tired_face:

And I get permanently notified that there is something which isn’t there and I can’t blacklist/ignore it…

I’ve been unable to stop HA from finding and using my google_cast devices, I’ve found the best workaround is to add it to HA and just not use it. Others have put their devices on another VLAN.

You may be able to so something similar with your mystery devices!

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The thing is:

I can’t add it (and don’t use it) because I should push a button on Phillips who?

I can’t move it to a vlan because the device does not exist!

It’s so stupid :man_facepalming:

Stop saying who, it is hue.


who? :pouting_man:

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I can guarantee its the espurna, had the same thing. Turn espurna off and it won’t come back. But that’s not a fix, unless you use hue you can add ignore to the discovery component to ignore.

Not broken just not using discovery. They use zeroconf.

I tried but it get’s discovered anyways like I wrote before. Also I have more than one espurna in my network (since ever) and the home assistant discovery notification just popped up recently (I think with the last update to 0.97)

It’s just super annoying. :unamused:

Hmm, it may be worth checking out the emulated_hue component, for a device to show up as an emulated_hue device on your LAN, it needs to be running a webserver that serves data over a certain port.

http://<HA IP Address>:8300/description.xml - This URL should return a descriptor file in the form of an XML file.

You may be able to portscan all the devices on your network in order to find any open ports which has description.xml - it may not even be port 8300 either. Good luck! :smiley:

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Good idea but didn’t helped in the end. Scanned my whole network and digged a little more for my espurna nodes. Didn’t find anything.

I also searched hard in the espurna docs/wiki/issues and didn’t find any reference to Philip who? :bowing_man: