Phillips Hue Wakeup Light with fade-in HA Version 0.115 with GUI only

Good Day Community,
I have been following the development of HA with a lot of joy as I love playing and clicking around with my devices rather than coding stuff for things, which I feel should work out of the click (box).

With the new version 0.115 I felt the time has arrived where it should be possible to realize a little more complex projects like the Hue Wake Up Light Project just by using the GUIs.
I started and need your help to finish it off and to share our project.

Target picture:

  • Set a wakeup time
  • Set a time for the fadein
  • Set a target light brightness
  • Set a target light temperature
  • Everthing else is done in a smart way

Look and Feel

Steps done

  • Created needed helpers
  • Created the automation with the new time trigger (did not want to use templates) for weekdays and weekends (in the GUI there should be a select list for the days I feel).

Next step I would need help with:

  • Be able to Update the starting time automatically every time Finish time or Duration are changed.
    Did create an automation with change of the alarm clock as the trigger but not able to set the Start time to Finish Time - Duration.
  • Be able to give the service light the target brightness and colour.

I have more questions but I would like to take it step by step and looking forward to your help.

I think you need a tenplate for this, however with the GUI you can’t do templates right?

Template is possible but I wanted to use the new time function :slight_smile:
I am struggeling to get an automation running to set the Start time to Finish Time - Duration

I want to use input_datetime.set_datetime to add a duration to time a to get time b.
Can somebody help?