Phillips Hue Wall Switch Module

Hey everyone,

im just creating this topic to get information on the Status of the implementation of the Wall Switch module in Hassio.
Right now, as far as I can tell, its only capable of displaying Battery Status and the Signal it Outputs isnt actually capable of using it for automation (atleast in HA, Hue App works) and I dont want to create some custom MQTT Stuff because im sure the Module will get integrated properly in the near future.

Thank you for answering.

The Hue 4-button switch has built in device triggers. Maybe check to see if it has those?

Go to Open your Home Assistant instance and show your devices. and select the switch module. If it’s got device triggers, you should be able to click the plus button next to Automations and get pre-built triggers you can use.

Thank you for the reply, but the Wall Switch module has no entities yet, so nothing except the battery level pops up. I guess its just waiting for now. Keep in mind that in the picture the device isnt connected, but thats not an issue right now

Mine looks the same, only the battery entity.

Instead, you should find the switch as a Device via Configuration > Devices.

Once you’re there, you’ll see the Device screen which will include the button to add an automation which uses the device triggers.

this is as far as I know based on the entities list, but if not, this is also empty (or you can only automate based on the battery status).

Hello, I am too interested also, do we need to contact conbee manufacturer if using this stick or can it be somehow sorted in other way?

thank you

Apparently this kind person has already added support for the device in deconz.

Is that what you use as well or you use the hue bridge? I can see the device in deconz now, but still in HASS I only get battery status.

So what would the next steps be? Is there something more that needs to be done so the modul would report state of switch back to HASS?

Hey guys, I managed to forward events (switch presses) to Hassio using deconz_event. Successfully integrated Hue module in automations, options now are unlimited :slight_smile:

what zigbee adapter do you use? I have a normal Hue Bridge but I also just bought a zigbee usb Stick which I would try out but I dont know which Integration id have to use for that

I am using conbee 2 with deconz. Not looking back, never any more need for another bridge or cloud.


Is there any update for this with HASSIO and Zigbee2Mqtt - I’m super new to this and ive invested in a zigbee2mqtt recommended board and want to use these if possible rather than shelly L1’s I think - mainly where there are 2 light switches controlling one light if thats poss in hassio with Zigbee

Edit: Got it. You have to connect a wall switch and switch to ON one-time to start paring.

Did anybody try the wall switch module with ZHA?
I’m not able to pair it. I tried holding down the module’s reset button, but pairing is not started. the only thing i see in the add-device-log is:

[0xb8e7:1:0x0300] ZCL deserialize: <ZCLHeader frame_control=<FrameControl frame_type=GLOBAL_COMMAND manufacturer_specific=False is_reply=True disable_default_response=False> manufacturer=None tsn=93 command_id=Command.Report_Attributes>
[0xb8e7:1:0x0300] ZCL request 0x000a: [[Attribute(attrid=7, value=<TypeValue type=uint16_t, value=370>), Attribute(attrid=3, value=<TypeValue type=uint16_t, value=24939>), Attribute(attrid=4, value=<TypeValue type=uint16_t, value=24701>)]]
[0xb8e7:1:0x0300] Attribute report received: color_temperature=370, current_x=24939, current_y=24701

Using zha there are unfortunately no zha_events triggered :frowning:

Device triggers where working for me with my Philips Hue Dimmer switch via a direct zha (HUSBZB-1) until 2021.4.0. Now I only get battery based triggers for that wall dimmer.

Is this a known issue? or has the implementation now changed?

Edit: yes, known issue with workaround: Philips RWL020 dimmer switches not working after update

I also paired the device via conbee 2. I see the device (id: rdm001_8) in deconz. Moreover, I see the correct events if I start listening to “deconz_events”.
My question is: How did you manage to forward this events for automations?

I am happy for any help!

platform: event
event_type: deconz_event
  unique_id: 'xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx'
  event: 1000

I use this as a trigger in automation. events are also 1001 1002. unique id is your own module. you can just paste it, formatting should be fine.

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which phoscon version are you running? I am running 2.10.04 and apparently im at latest version. According to the changelog there is version 2.10.3 which has the wall switch module implemented.
I cannot connect to the switch no matter what I try (resetting, pressing buttons etc)

I will check, but did you have a look in VNC deconz? I often find that phoscon doesn’t show all connected devices but deconz does

Yes In the VNC Deconz it shows up (also in Homeassistant as a device etc) but the only entity I see is the battery level like if I would integrate it over the hue hub.

You said you use deconz_event. How does that work? How do I get the Event Codes?

This is correct for me too. Use developer tools to listen for deconz events let me know if you find it. It works!

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